Still a beekeeper (sort of)

Greetings and Salutations….

Although my attention has wandered over the past few months, I still DO have active hives on the property, and, thought I would mention the reminder of them I got the other day. Mid-week or so, while I was up on The Hill, working on the Octagon house, I had a visitor. One of the bees came flying up and hung around for a bit, apparently just checking things out. This has happened before, actually, and is always interesting. I sometimes wonder what report she takes back to the hive mind? Although these last couple of times I was visited, the bee just buzzed around and watched me work for a bit, in times past the have landed on me for a bit before buzzing off. All very friendly and interactive, as usual, of course.

I really do, though, need to get the suit out, and, on the next warm day we have, go visit the hives and make sure they are bedded in well for the coming winter. I think they probably have sufficient stores to make it through the winter, as the Summer was well watered, and there were a lot of blooms around for them to take advantage of. However, it is always good to check and make sure.

With luck, by next Spring, the distractions of life will have ebbed a bit, and I will be able to spend more time with them.

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