“The World Turned Upside Down”

Greetings and Salutations;
In the wee hours of this morning,   November 9th,  2016,  the  Presidential election  produced an unexpected, and (for many)  a chilling result.   As the above map shows,   the donald was voted in to the Presidency.    It is difficult to know what effects this will have in the long term.   Many Americans,  on both sides of the contest,  are whistling by the graveyard,  saying such things as “he will  not really do ?????”  or “America needed a reboot,  and Donald Trump was the perfect person to do this”    I wish I could be that optimistic.   This election has been marred by unending lies;  violence by the donald’s minions,  and some amazingly hate-filled speech.   I fear that the brush fire of anger and bigotry that the donald has ignited will continue to grow and will make our society worse than it is now.
May God have mercy on us.
Pleasant dreams;
Bee Man Dave

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