Hamilton Weeps…

Greetings and Salutations;
Today,  the Electoral College met, and, to the disappointment of many and surprise of few,  proved it was not what Hamilton had intended for it to be,  but,  rather,  was a rubber stamp in the process of the Presidential Election.   In spite of the fact that the donald is manifestly unqualified to be President of these United States, and,  that there is a large amount of evidence that a Foreign Country (Russia)  worked to influence the Election to ensure the donald’s election,  the Electors cast enough votes for the donald that he has, officially,  been elected as the President.   
Hamilton,  in the Federalist Papers #68,  explained in detail that he was aware of how a demagogue can use the magic of language to speak to the basic fears and prejudices of the voters,  and thereby allow an unqualified person who does not have the best interests of the country to take the Chair of the President.   The Electoral College was created and charged with the responsibility of keeping that from happening.  Well,  today they failed.   As has been well documented time and time again,  the donald has based his campaign not on concrete plans to improve the lot of most Americans,  but on anger, prejudice and hate of “The Other” who is responsible for the problems the citizens are having.  
  • It is “The Other” that is sneaking into our country, taking our jobs, and causing “real” Americans to end up out of work;   
  • It is “The Other” who is making financial decisions in the banks that threaten to take the citizen’s home away;  
  • It is “The Other” who is bringing violence to America and killing us and our families randomly;  
  • It is “The Other” who is a very educated person who looks down upon the plumbers,  delivery guys,  Restaurant Servers and the like with contempt and who does not care about them at all;   
  • It is “The Other” who has brought such chaos and evil to the Federal Government that only HE,  the donald,  can fix it.   
These, and a much longer list of points demonstrate that the donald is precisely the person that Hamilton was talking about.  However,  while I will not get into it right now,  it is documented that these attacks are lies, and have no basis in reality.  That, though,  does not matter to the donald, or the 25.5% of American voters who have joined his cult.
No one argues that Hillary Clinton is not perfect.  She has a 40 year history of public service,  during which she has made a few bad decisions.  In a vast majority of those cases,  she has, as she had learned more about the issues, changed her mind and position.   She has also publicly owned her mistake, apologized for it, and worked really hard to NOT repeat it over the time since.   As has been pointed out elsewhere,  she has been under almost constant investigation by Republican committees during most of these years.  Yet,  in spite of these witch hunts by enemies,  no charges or indictments have appeared.  I. E.  she, unlike the donald,  has a record clean of civil convictions.    In addition,  as of today,  she has a majority vote of close to 3 million votes over the donald.  Yet…it was a foregone conclusion that the Electoral College would never elect her to the Presidency.   Yet another example of how Hamilton’s Ideal of Democracy has been raped and murdered over the years.  It has been the death of a thousand cuts,  but, the victim has finally expired.
It is a sad day for America and the world today.
God save us all!
Bee Man Dave

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