The Storm Is Not Coming…IT IS HERE!

Greetings and Salutations;
We are approaching the end of the first full week of the president-elect’s administration.   Perhaps to the surprise of some,  he is doing exactly what he said he was going to do in the inflamed rhetoric of his campaign.
  1. He has issued an Executive Order that gives the repeal of the ACA a huge step forwards.
  2. He has issued an Executive Order to start construction on the $30 Trillion boondoggle that is the border fence between America and Mexico.
  3. He has appointed a slew of Cabinet members who are totally incompetent at governing;  whose main qualification is that they have given him or his family many,  many millions of dollars; and whose goals are focused on destroying the agency they are in charge of.
  4. He has put a gag order on the EPA,  blocking them from saying ANYTHING to the pubic…this includes social media postings,  scientific reports,  projections of coming events,  etc.  This is also happening with other agencies.   HERE is an article detailing one of those gag orders
  5. He has frozen the hiring of governmental employees.
  6. He has renewed an ancient law that is still on the books that allows him to cut budgets and salaries down to $1.00 if he so desires.
  7. He has moved forwards (again with an Executive Order) to move towards removing the United States from their membership in the United Nations.
There are many more,  equally bad, decisions that he has made, and that have eroded America’s position in the world.
I have,  over the past couple of years,  become convinced that the donald is a sick person who needs a LOT of help…and that he should NOT  be the leader of the Free World.   He exhibits many of the classic symptoms of a person in the early stages of Alzheimer’s.   I say this because he cannot communicate on an adult level;  because he is prone to somewhat demented outbursts;  because he will focus on a meaningless issue and attack over it as if it was World War 3;  because he apparently cannot recall what he has said,  which means he has many recorded instances of telling one lie at noon,  and a second,  contradictory lie  at 1:30…and he will deny he said the first thing at all!  These facts…added to the above list of bad decisions,  and the many other documented failures of judgment are proof enough that he has some serious problems that make him a danger to himself and others.  There are many others that agree with this.  Here, for example,  is a commentary by Keith Olbermann on the topic.
Now..what can be done about this?   At this point in time,  there IS a Constitutional solution to the problem.   The 25th Amendment  states that if the President is unable to perform his duties,  the Vice President and Congress can act to relieve him of the office.   The Vice President then becomes the Acting President until  Congress can Impeach and Remove the President from the office.   Pence is not even my tenth choice for the Leader of the Country.   However,  he would be an improvement over the donald,  mainly because Pence has a rather more limited agenda than the donald.   I am sure that Pence does not want to burn down the house,  with all of us in it.  Rather,  he wants to implement a fanatic Theocracy…and pretty much leave the rest of the society alone.   I suspect we can deal with that,  as a society!
For this to work, though,  it will require the Republicans to come to their senses,  and remember that the Constitution is the head of the Country,  and that their primary loyalty should be to that document and the country…NOT their Party!   After all,  they do swear an oath to uphold the Constitution when they take office!   Will they do this, though?   I have NO confidence that they will.  At this point,  unless I am proven wrong,  I remain convinced that their Party matters more to them than the Constitution and the Country.
The only alternatives I can see to the above course of action are bloody and painful.   We could end up in that Civil War that the donald promised would happen if he did not win.   The last Civil War did not go well for the United States,  and today’s world is far more dangerous than it was in the 1800s.   There are multiple countries out there that would LOVE to see America split, and powerless on the World Stage.  At the least,  we would see them move into the power vacuum left from our distraction.  At worst,  we could see America split up into two or more pieces,  under the control of those countries.
The other alternative is a military coup.  Again,  this would likely not be a clean or violence free event.   Even if the military were to depose the donald and his cultists,  then,  in a year,  step back and respect the democratic process again,  it would leave some serious scars on every one of us citizens.    
So…While I still run into delusional folks that say “give him a chance”,  my reply is “I have,  and those bridges are burned.  I see the future and it makes Orwell’s 1984 look like a paradise!”   I call upon Mike Pence to step up and stop the madness.   Remove the president elect for being too unstable to perform the duties of the office.  Get him the help he needs to hang onto what ever amount of sanity he has left.   Halt and re-consider the Cabinet appointees,  and put in people who are knowledgeable and able to run the agencies and improve them.    I call on Congress to Impeach the donald and remove him from office as quickly as possible,  as he is a danger not only to America and its way of life,  but to the entire world.
God Help Us All
Bee Man Dave

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