Sifting Through The Ashes, Part 18

Greetings and Salutations;

Earlier today, I was reading posts on Park Overall’s page, and found this post she put online:

I would preface this by saying – to all my young people, but I can’t. I have to say it to even my best friends of my whole life—-folks, this country is being stolen from you. But I wouldn’t worry so much about you- as I do your children and now your grand children. Life is not – you live it everyday anymore- it’s about fighting for it. Fighting for your air, and water, fighting for a decent wage, but mainly fighting for human decency. it’s all slipping away folks. And faster than it ever has before. And everyone is asleep. And it’s gonna cost you and the future very dearly.

She speaks the truth and , like Paul Revere, is doing her best to warn us of the coming disasters, both politically and environmentally. I was moved to add a somewhat lengthy comment which I hope adds something positive to her post. I have taken it, and expanded it somewhat here…so enjoy..and worry…

  • Keep up with what your representatives are doing, on the local, state and federal levels . When something bad or underhanded goes on, be SURE to contact them, either with phone, Email or snail mail, and let them know you object to what they are doing.ALSO..when they do something RIGHT…do the same thing and let them know you support them. When you contact them…make sure that you are civil, and discuss only ONE issue. Otherwise, it is likely your contact will go in the round file!
  • When possible, attend local council meetings, find out what is going on there, and let your opinion be known.
  • VOTE in every election that comes up…and, remember…just because YOUR favorite candidate did not get the final nod, that is not an excuse to fail to throw your support behind the Candidate of choice. We, Democrats, are bad about that. We, too often, expect perfection from our candidate, and refuse to accept flaws. NO ONE is perfect…but the alternative is what we have today.
  • Talk to people about coming elections, and, if they are undecided, or, uninterested in voting, find ways to communicate to them why it is vital to vote Democratic, and, perhaps even more importantly why it is absolutely vital to vote. If they are having difficulties in the process, either with registration, or transport to the polls, help find ways to overcome those obstacles.
  • Take an interest in the process, and work to get your representatives to eliminate such issues as gerrymandering, and actions taken to keep a given demographic from registering and voting.
  • For something different…pay attention to the environment. We do not have to be perfectly Green. However, we SHOULD be as Green as possible. This includes cutting back on buying bottled water, and substitute a Travel Cup, filled with water that can be used time and time again. I have written more about this issue HERE Keep the tires on your car inflated to the correct pressure. Make sure the oil level in your engine is good. Find ways to cut down on the trash you discard. Support your representatives when they take actions to improve the environment. Do as Park does, and watch out for the abuses of industry and when you see it…do what you can to fight against it. Plant trees and flowers, not Fescue! If you have the space, compost instead of bagging up yard waste and having it hauled off.

I realize this is a daunting list, and probably most of you are saying “I can’t do all that!” I understand, and agree. Even if I was in charge, I would not expect everyone to follow these guidelines! However, I suggest this…Pick one or two that you CAN do, right now. Work to make those things a part of your life. In six months or so, perhaps pick another one and add it. In a perfect would we would all work to the the Good Stewards of the Earth that we are called to be…but this is not a perfect world, so all we can do is as much as we can. Life is complicated, and chaotic these days, so it can be difficult to be faithful to these tasks… This is not that important, as long as we strive every day to take the actions we are trying to add to our lives.

One of the guidelines I live by is “All that is required for evil to triumph is for people of good will to do nothing” In order to make the world a better place, let us all try to do at least ONE thing off this list.

In closing, I also realize that this is not a comprehensive list. However, if we look at ALL that is wrong, right now, it can seem so overwhelming it may make it impossible for us to do anything, as we fall into despair. Another rule I have is “If I do at least ONE thing to improve my life in a day, it has been a successful day” If I get several things done, that is frosting on the cake. I find this is helpful to me, as I can lay down at night, and tell myself it was a good day because I got this ONE thing done….

God Help Us All!

Bee Man Dave

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