Sifting through the Ashes, Part 23

Greetings and Salutations!

I hope the New Year brings all positive movement in our lives, prosperity, and peace in our hearts!

Alas, I am starting to see some old habits in the Democratic Party crop up, and I wanted to say something about it before it grows too quickly. It is far too easy to slip back into the auto-piloted ruts of actions and reactions…yet, this year, especially, it is overwhelmingly necessary that we remain alert, and mindful of our words and actions. What we do this year may determine the future of this Country, The Constitution, our Society, and each of us.

The Democratic party is far from perfect. However, consider the alternative! Look at the HISTORY of the Parties over the decades. Which Party has done more good for Americans as a whole? The Republicans? Or the Democrats?

A big issue with the Democratic party has been, from day one, the fact that it is a collection of widely varying views, it is very diverse, and welcomes that diversity. The problem with this is that almost every one of these splinter groups come in believing they are God’s Gift to the world, and that if everyone thought the way they do, milk and honey would flow through the streets of gold!
The fact is, that is NEVER going to happen. However, instead of this continual bickering that allows the Right-Wing to drive wedges through the party, and convince enough of it to waste their vote, by being “virtuous” and either not voting or voting for a third candidate, we need to learn and hold in our hearts the reality is that as individuals, we are powerless. However, when we walk together we are a mighty force that can move for good.

Especially this year, in 2020, we have GOT to remain mindful…and look at the long term results of what our vote means. Do we want the opinions I have seen coming up that #3 will easily win another term, because the Democrats are unable to field a viable candidate to be reality? ANOTHER four years of the current administration? Have any of us really sat back and considered what that would mean for the country…for each of us? The hatred that is being whipped up in this four year term may not have impacted YOU directly yet…But I would almost bet real money that if there are four more years of it, YOU will be a target. If that does not cause you to lay awake at night a bit…then you are simply in denial.

IF you really feel the Democratic Party needs changing…then, once the current administration has been replaced with a Blue one, work locally and nationally to support the candidates and change you want. However, do not allow yourself to become so fanatical that you lose sight of what is truly important – this Society, Country, and the Constitution which is its cornerstone.

God Help Us All

Bee Man Dave

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