Sifting Through The Ashes, Part 42

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I ran across the following essay on Facebook, and thought it would be an excellent addition to the commentary here.

From “American Horror Story”

“Dear Republicans,
I’ve been wondering the last several days if there was literally anything that your party could do before you finally stopped and said to yourself, ‘this is just too far from me, I am leaving the party? Steve Schmidt, Nicole Wallace, George Will, David Frum and a who’s who of former star Republicans got to that point. So what does it take before you abandon all the lies and the cognitive dissonance but more importantly, the insanity that has spread like the Delta strain within your party?

Jesse Benton

You probably did not hear about this since Fox does not have any interest in reporting facts but Jesse Benton got indicted the other day, again. Don’t remember him? Let me help. Jesse Benton was pardoned by Trump after he was convicted in another scheme to bribe a notable official in Iowa to get his endorsement for Ron Paul. You probably don’t remember that either. So Trump pardoned him for that because cheating in elections has become common practice for you all these days and you obviously no longer care about the rule of law since you were all so conspicuously silent about Trump pardoning so many of his cronies. Yet you were so very loud when Clinton pardoned Marc Rich. So you are only outraged when Democrats do something you don’t like but when your guy does it, that’s okay.

How does that hypocrisy feel coursing through your veins? Do you remember the nauseating nattering you all were doing when you were saying, ‘the Russia hoax’? Pepperidge Farms remembers. The thing about that was that you all said that there was ‘no collusion.’ Well I guess we have come to the point where you all no longer care about the definition of words anymore huh?There was oodles of collusion with Russians. Jesse Benton was a campaign advisor first for Ron Paul, then he went to help Rand Paul and then he ran Mitch McConnell’s campaign so he’s kind of a big deal Republican operative.

What Jesse got indicted for the other day was for laundering money for a Russian oligarch into the Trump campaign. It’s almost as if the Russians wanted to get Trump elected. Wonder why that was? Oh that’s right, Trump said Russia is our friend now and that he has a personal relationship with Putin even before the campaign. I guess that is why he wanted to meet with him privately without even State Department officials present which had never happened before because he was making a deal and stuff. Then he said nobody was tougher on Russian than him. I dunno, seems like Hillary was awful tough on Putin but somehow Putin wanted to get someone even harder on him because that makes sense doesn’t it?

So why did Trump say that Putin didn’t pay bounties for American soldiers to the Taliban when every single intelligence agency had the verifiable proof that Putin had paid those bounties? Was he trying to protect Putin for helping him win his election?That didn’t seem fishy to at least 75 million of you and to the 83 million of us who voted for Biden, we’re wondering what the hell happened to you all because you used to be Ronald-Reagan-tough on Russia but not anymore. Why the ginormous flip-flop with you guys? Is it the enemy of your enemy is your friend? With Democrats being your enemy and the enemy of Russia? You don’t have to answer, the rest of the country knows that the hypocrisy that courses through your veins is equaled only by the dishonesty and treason. Another thing that you all missed the other day was the revelation that inside the White House, officials confirmed that Smartmatic was not owned by or have anything to do with Venezuela or machines that tallied ballots in foreign countries. That was just something Sydney Powell and Rudy Giuliani thought you all were dumb enough to believe and guess what? You did. Did you ever stop and think about why Mark Twain said, ‘it’s easier to fool a fool than convince them they were fooled?

That’s rather important because it appears now that the only elections that you think are legitimate are the ones you win. Apparently you have forgotten that there’s many millions more Democrats than there are Republicans but you all get all pissy when Trump lost the popular vote, twice but something something ‘election fraud.’ Well the news this morning is that even the Cyber Ninjas ‘audit’ found that Joe actually won, so how about you all call off all those bills you’re trying to pass to make it harder for black people to vote because you’re not racists? I know that’s pissing into a hurricane but now that you all have become ‘fiscal hawks’ again after adding more to the national debt in history, we are now on the precipice of you all doing something completely asinine by playing debt-ceiling roulette where you all try to inflict even more damage on the country simply to ‘own the libs.’ My friends think I am completely insane to think maybe some of you might read this and come to the realization that you all have become a cancer on our Republic and maybe they’re right. So I ask again, what would your party have to do for you to abandon it like so many other notable Republicans have?

Because at this point, you are behaving like a death cult bent on destroying our democracy because you cannot adjust your ideology enough to start winning elections. Right now your elected leaders are trying to suicide our Republic by playing a dangerous game of brinksmanship with the full faith and credit of the United States which will have consequences that your grandchildren will be dealing with. Every single time Trump needed the debt ceiling raised, Democrats voted to raise it unanimously but now that Joe is in the White House, you all want to have a hissy fit about it like you did repealing Obamacare 73 times. I think I can speak for all of us in saying that we sure wish you all would start acting like responsible citizens instead of petulant children.”- Thomas Clay Jr

I could not have put it better myself.

More articles by Mr. Clay And here is his Facebook exposure

God Help Us All! Wear your mask, social distance, wash your hands…and GET VACCINATED (The number of dead as of today has just passed 700,000).

Bee Man Dave

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