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America – Great? Or not?

    .  Greetings and salutations; I do not know about y’all,  but, as a Citizen of America,  who loves my country,  I am getting pretty damn tired of the Donald saying it is a pile of shit,  and we … Continue reading

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A Contemplation on Truth

Greetings and Salutations; As I poked through the Social Media postings this morning,  I saw many spews of hatred for Hillary Clinton,  claiming she is,  among other things a liar.   These posts,  and the general tenor of the Presidential … Continue reading

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Where have all the bee-girls gone? Long time passing…

  Greetings and Salutations; Sigh….the world of the beekeeper is full of odd moments these days.    The problems with bees being killed off by environmental pressures continues, and hives across the land are being exterminated.    The stupidity of … Continue reading

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Notes From The Sky!

Greetings and Salutations;      Just a quick note to remind everyone that this month is the Orionid Meteor Shower.    It is a lengthy stream of debris,  so will continue on,  gradually growing towards its peak around October 21st. … Continue reading

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