“One for you, 19 for me…I am the Tax Man”

Greetings and Salutations;

Just a quick thought in these waining days of 2023…
The issue of taxes came up on Facebook, so, I wrote a reply, discussing the various taxes imposed on us by the levels of government in America.  I was thinking about the topic as it is always a sensitive topic for citizens, so decided to expand my reply a bit in this essay. Although tempted, later on when I get into the opinion section about the tax code, I am trying to refrain from ranting at great length about the issues at hand.  The Original Post was the following Image..posing several questions…which I choose to address.

Taxes are the dues we pay for being part of the club. We pay income tax to the federal government to provide services that we want, to defend the country, and to help the folks that have been screwed by the ultra rich survive another day (the Common Good). These funds pay for maintaining infrastructure, defense, education and disaster relief, as well as many other programs. A more detailed explanation is here

Sales taxes pay for state and some local services. Some funding comes from the federal government, but much of the revenue used by local government comes from sales taxes. Here is a more detailed explanation is located here

Income taxes are not collected twice on the same earnings, so this point is either irrelevant, or poorly written. Now if the Poster is talking about investment income…that is taxed because it is “new money” being gained by the investor.

Property taxes are levied by local governments, to pay for their services. This includes more infrastructure work, education, Police and Firefighters and the like. Here is a more in depth look at this topic is here

Now then. No one is arguing that there are issues with the tax code and how funds are allocated. There is a certain level of waste, and corruption. There are too many times that the return we citizens see on our taxes is less generous than it could, or should be. The tax code is, far too often, written to screw those least able to afford it and enrich those who have too much money already. 

This is precisely why every citizen should be aware of how that money is spent, and take steps to fix the situation if it is not being spent for the public good. These include personal feedback to legislators about their spending; organizing or taking part in larger groups to provide feedback to these elected officials, and, voting other people into office who are more likely to support appropriate tax levels and policies, and spend the money collected more wisely.

God Help Us All!

Be safe, get vaccinated, wear your mask, wash your hands and social distance.

P.S. I did get a comment back on my post, and I have to admit I found it hilarious. I thought I would add the dialogue here…

Mannifred Yates Dave Mundt
Lick those boots, Dave! You Go ahead and just take care of it for the rest of us, I am confident that your wagging, brown hole gobbling, aim to please tongue will handle it just fine. While you’re at it throw some more PBS elementary informational justified jargon you popped of the internet from your locally Government approved websites……I mean clearly, they are not biased, two dimensional willfully ignorant justifications for tyranny. Though we must thank you for today’s cheap imitation of schoolhouse rock for sycophants…….How does a bill get passed on Capitol Hill…. So glad for people like you in the world.

Dave Mundt Mannifred Yates Bless your heart! Thanks for the laugh! Better folks than you have attempted insults that were far more creative.

Now then…since you reject my factual presentation…WHAT would you suggest as an alternative?

Mannifred Yates Dave Mundt I would highly suggest a solution for people such as yourself there Dave. I wouldn’t put much faith in it however because there are just so many people like you. All through history you are the people roaring in approval at Roman spectacles of torture and make things like public executions a place for entertainment. Yes, for sure a solution is needed for those mundane willful fools who offer explanations like “well the law is the law, and they should have followed it” Or the ever so famous “If you don’t like the way things work in this country you can go live somewhere else” Quite honestly, I could not give you the perfect solution to this particular problem I have stated above but surely to move forward in any feasible capacity it would be in the top five problems with considerable contemplation needed to even start with the problem of systematic tyrannized tax forcibly keeping people in societal and economic decline in an obvious step in a much larger system to keep people as indentured cogs for their entire lives.

Dave Mundt Mannifred Yates

So, you have nothing. Figures. Words are cheap…actions mean something. So, instead of ranting pointlessly, read and think about my closing comments in the post, and DO SOMETHING.

Mannifred Yates Dave Mundt Wow Dave nice cop out and comprehension there. Obviously, your paste and copy intellectual skills are far superior and more than I am able to contend with….

Dave Mundt Mannifred Yates While you have provided a moment’s amusement, Unless you can actually debate on an adult level…we are done.

Mannifred Yates I have been doing something and have for a very long time….Just too many you people in the world for me people to contend with…. you just make it stronger and impossible to do much about it…. you just outnumber us 1000 to one. I admit this freely. I am not adamant anything can be done; it has been this way all throughout our history. But oppose it and people like you I will always do even if it would appear a lost cause. I hope with all hope that one day we will be able to force significant change and move humanity forward. Alas as for now this is obviously not the case and people like you Reighn supreme…however sad and pathetic that fact is…it is still the fact of the matter.

Dave MundtMannifred Yates Your remarks are without merit for several reasons.

1) You are full of anger, contempt and attempted insults. As such, you bring nothing of worth to the conversation.

2) You rant about a point that is not EVEN part of my original post.

3) Even when asked, you cannot present one, concrete change or thing that you have done to improve the situation. Rather you seem to blame failure on being outnumbered…

4) You have no idea who I am, what I believe, or, what I support…so you overlay your own prejudices on me in a way that tells me more about you than you would be comfortable with.

I hope you can deal with the repressed anger you harbor and find a more positive path in the world.

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