Are Women equal citizens? or Chattel/Brood Mares?

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The world, it seems, is going completely bonkers in too many important areas. I just discovered the story of Tara Rule, who is suing a medical facility and doctor for refusing her care, and needed medications. The full story is here.

In short, though, she has been plagued with cluster headaches for years. Her doctor had been prescribing medications that did help, but alas, had retired. So, she went to a new neurologist to get checked out, and get scripts for some new medications that were likely to be more effective.
Well, because she was still “of childbearing age”, and these new medications had a chance of causing birth defects, the Doctor refused to prescribe them. The ONLY reasons for that were the chance of birth defects and “what would she do if she had an unplanned pregnancy?” The fact that her partner had a vasectomy, and she was not fooling around did not make a bit of difference to this guy. So, she left his office with nothing but a bill.
Now cluster headaches are not something to be laughed off. Imagine the worst headache you ever had, then multiply it by 10. They are a type of migraine headache that can have serious physiological effects. A bit after that neurologist visit, this is exactly what happened to Ms. Rule. She had to be taken to the ER, where they found that a number of her body’s chemical balances and functions were out of whack. Did they treat her? No, as a matter of fact, they ended up giving her nothing that helped; tossed her out of the ER; and then, according to the records her lawyer has obtained, falsified her medical records to claim that she had left voluntarily when she was feeling better. There are some other issues, of course, but these are the high points.
The article I linked to above goes into more detail, is a fairly clear picture of events, and is truly horrifying.

These events, and their aftermath, bring a number of thoughts to mind. Alas, none of them are particularly happy.

The Right-Wing/conservatives have an image of a woman that is based, at best, in the 1950s. Women were submissive, and did what they were told, without argument. They believe that “Andy of Mayberry” is a documentary, not a very shallow sit-com. However, time has passed since those days (which were not the idyllic paradise that these folks believe), and the role of women has changed in society. The specific part of this that is causing this blow back from the Conservatives is that they are losing power over women. No longer can they treat women like slaves and expect them to bow and scrape while they take care of the Massa. This upsets them, and causes them to feel inadequate…so they fight to keep that power.

Now, the conservatives might have learned to live with this change in women’s status, were it not for the fact that society was changing too. Not only is today’s society radically different from that of the 1950s, but the pace of change has accelerated also. Change that might have taken decades 100 years ago now can happen in a few years. Added to that there is the fact that today’s society is much more complex in many ways than that if the 1950s. I think we all are familiar with those changes, but if not, there are articles available with a Google search that will discuss this. For example, this article discusses the 50 major changes since the 1950s. They are substantial and, if one thinks about it, a bunch of them are taking power and control away from folks…it may not be a problem, but anything like that is a real threat to conservatives.

How did America reach the point that a woman can be denied health care because of some hypothetical issue?

In the 1960s, when the Democratic party went really Liberal, and all the conservatives, Dixicrats, racists and the like flipped over to the Republican party, Collecting all the Liberals in the Democratic party, and all the Conservatives in the Republican party. These two parties have very different approaches to politics. On the Democratic side, the party is more like a loose coalition of smaller groups, each with its own goals, but, with some common issues they agree on. This means that getting a majority agreement about an issue can be like herding cats. Mark Twain put it best, when he said “I do not belong to an organized political party. I am a Democrat”. The Republicans, though, remind me of the Storm Troopers from Star Wars. They march in rigid formation, and follow orders, even if an individual might have some discomfort or questions about them.

These roots have brought us to the current day. The Democrats have not changed that much. They are still a herd of cats. However, they do agree on some goals that are important.
1) Equality, under the Constitution for all citizens.
2) Do the most we can to ensure that life is as good as it can be for ALL citizens.
3) Voting is a right, not a privilege…and so it is vital to make voting available to all citizens.
4) Taxes are the dues we pay to live in this society. To them that the most has been given, Of them, the most will be required. That translates to a progressive tax structure that starts at zero for the lowest on the economic scale, and increases to its highest point for the ultra wealthy.
5) Such things as healthcare, and food security should be rights, and we should have a system that does not destroy citizen’s financial futures, or has them begging on street corners for a bite to eat.

The Republicans, though, have changed quite a bit since the 1960s. My parents were Republican, and very active in the party. I was influenced to be (and registered as) a Republican. However, the Republican party today is one that my parents would not recognize. Why? Well, here are some of the “core beliefs” of the party today:
1) The Rich (both human and corporations) should pay no taxes at all. That why the massive profits they make will “trickle down” to the more economically challenged. (this, by the by, is nonsense, as has been demonstrated many times)
2) Voting is a privilege, reserved for the elites.
3) Truth is for fools. The ends justify the means, so lying, underhanded attacks, voter manipulation, and the like are perfectly valid means of controlling the voters (who are too stupid to make good decisions themselves).
4) Democracy is bad. It allows the unwashed masses of idiots too much power in the system. Fascism is much better… with a strong leader who holds office for decades, and can keep order in the country (which usually means trampling on the rights of the lower casts)
5) “My religious beliefs and rules are the only valid ones” so EVERYONE is required to live by them.

Of course the points for the two parties are just a short list but they hit the high points. SO…because of the disorganization of the Democratic Party, and the militaristic lock step of the Republican party, the latter has taken power in America. In the past 20 years the fascist attitudes of the party have grown and slithered out from under the slimy rocks they were under. These days it is in open display. Because of this slow-moving coup, Democracy itself is in danger, and it is vital that ALL Democrats stand up, and vote in coming elections. The Republican party is a minority party, but they are working diligently to implement laws that allow them to keep power. It was due to the conscience of one man – Mike Pence – that it survived the last Presidential election. This coming one we may not be so lucky. IF the Republicans are allowed to keep on this road, the coming presidential election may be the last one America sees.

What we will see are more actions by the Republicans to cement their power. Roe V. Wade was a huge step back for women, and removed their right of bodily autonomy. Women are 51% of society…so I would think that any woman who wants to have a say in their medical treatment, and control over their body should vote Democrat until the Republican party is a powerless minority. The Republicans have a long history of massive gerrymandering to the point today that voters in Red states no longer pick their candidates. Their candidates pick who they want to vote for them. This is simply not the way democracy works.
Already we are seeing voters disenfranchised by false objections to the ballot they have cast, removing polling stations, and making it very difficult to register to vote. It is not a huge step to making voting an “invitation only” action.

It is not too late to Save Democracy. It will require Liberals of all persuasions to come together and vote as a strong block, as the Republicans do, and keep this rot from taking down America.

God Help Us All

Be safe, get vaccinated, wear your mask, wash hands well, and social distance.

Bee Man Dave

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