What is a “HiveMind”

(and why should I care?).

Bees are fascinating creatures.   Not only does the individual bug have a surprising level of intelligence (or highly honed and developed instinct, if you prefer), but, a hive, consisting of tens of thousands of individuals will act as a single organism, to maximize its chances of survival.

The Internet, in a way, resembles that sort of community.   Individuals, such as myself, post observations and meditations on a given subject, and, allow anyone to read and comment on them.  The insights all work together to produce a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts…at least we hope so.

Opposing comments welcomed, but, spam, hate-speech and personal attacks will get deleted.

2 Responses to About

  1. Barbara (Bobbie) Wheeler Ross (formerly Norwood) says:

    Dave, attended Central w/Fred, class of 63. Knew Bobbie, and as I recall you used to come to Mensa meetings w/your Mom. And didn’t you have something to do with those vile apple computers? And of course I remember your Dad! Happy to have stumbled across you! Call me 865 363-9390!

  2. Dr. Sandra Buben says:

    I am curious why the author of the piece about Republicans/Objectivism  didn’t put his or her name on it.  This is especially strange since you require us responders to do so.

    And by the way, the author clearly doesn’t understand Ayn Rand.  The tachometer on her grave is pegged: she would be a libertarian, not a modern-day Republican.

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