Summer is Upon Us

Summer Time is upon us, even if the Summer Solstice is a week or two away yet….afternoon highs near 90 degrees F, and humidity
to match.   Makes it a REAL joy to don the bunny suit and go out into the bee yard.  

The hives are doing fairly well, and, I should be putting a
super on a couple of them that are getting tight this weekend.
The two packages I added to the mix a couple of weeks ago are doing well, and rapidly drawing out more comb.

Speaking of supers, I want to put in a quick plug here for Kelley Bee Supply over in Kentucky.   I needed some supers to PUT
on the hives, so, since I did not have time to make them all from rough stock, I decided to order one of their “medium super kits”, and a box of foundation.   Shipping was a bit more than I expected, but, that is not their problem…just one of the many complications of
the  current reality.  Bottom line is that for about $35/super, I got five medium supers, with frames and foundation.   Now, I did have
to spend a few hours putting the parts together, but, it was actually a fairly relaxing time.  It was a rainy day, so there i was, in a
steel-roofed shed, gluing and nailing together a bunch of very accurately cut pieces, while listening to classical music on the
local PBS station (WUOT).   Everything fit perfectly, the wood was of good quality (and I did not get the expensive, “commercial”
kit), and, there were all the parts I needed.  They even had one extra frame end in there, in case one broke…

In short, they are great folks who provide excellent customer service, fair prices for good quality products, and REALLY quick shipping

More later

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