Some Honey From the Hives…

The constant freight train of afternoon showers that has been looping across the area has kind of kept me away from the hives. I don’t like having rain coming through MY roof, and I suspect they don’t either. However, looks like the girls are continuing to do well. I was up picking some cucumbers from the garden today, and, saw several of them visiting both the cucumber and squash flowers.

I mentioned honey…A bit ago, I pulled a shallow super off one of the hives, and, got started extracting the honey from it. Since I am trying to standardize on full and medium size boxes, I went ahead and did the crush and drain thing on the combs. I set the mass of comb into a cheesecloth bag, and left it in a protected area to drain for a bit. The mass was pretty light, so I moved to bottle up the honey. This particular super was kind of light on filled comb, so I only got about 10 lbs of honey out of it. However, it is pretty tasty stuff…so the rewards are starting.

We are supposed to have a few dry days over the next week, so I am hoping that I can finally get those supers I mentioned a few days ago finished up and in place. We shall see.

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