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I was watching “Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman” (An excellent series of shows, well worth watching) earlier this evening. The topic of tonight’s programs was the discoveries of Dark Matter and Dark Energy, and, how it has changed our understanding of the Universe and how it works. The programs covered, in quite an accessible manner, how Dark Matter acted to cause the physical universe that we can see to grow from the cloud of dust that was left over after the “Big Bang”, and, moved on to look at the somewhat surprising observation that the expansion of the Universe was not only continuing, but, was actually speeding up. Needless to say, continued acceleration is not what one would expect under Newton’s laws.

Well, I would recommend you search out the programs and watch them, as they have some interesting theories presented. However, it seems to me that MY theory has about as much support as most of their meanderings. Now, stick with me for a moment or so. First off, remember a year or two ago, there was an interesting, if kind of flaky theory set forth that our Universe was nothing more than a grand simulation running on some advanced being’s computer. This, I believe, was rooted in some of the cosmological musings of 30 years ago about multiple universes, living in “bubbles”. In any case, the current theory is that the physical matter of our Universe is attached to the “surface” of large clouds of Dark Matter… So, having said all that, my theory is this: Dark Matter is actually the skin of a children’s balloon that exists in Dimension N+1. What we see (darkly) is an overlap of that surface into our dimension. The balloon is being inflated, with the start of the process being the “Big Bang”, and the process continuing through today. The balloon theory also explains why the expansion is speeding up, since the more one inflates a balloon, the easier it is to fill, so the faster it happens. I can only hope that it is being blown up with that dimension’s equivalent of helium, and, not by some little bugger that is making a water balloon to toss at his little sister!

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