Why the Space Program is SO worth it

    Greetings and Salutations;

     There are so many amazing images that NASA is collecting, that I thought I would share one here.    This is an image of two of Saturn’s moons (Mimas and Pandora) hanging in space just outside of the Rings.   It is an image taken by the Cassini spacecraft as it orbits the planet, and, is yet another of a amazing flood of images from this craft.
     Mimas is interesting, as it is also known as “The Deathstar Moon”, because the huge crater left from a meteor impact has left a bowl-like depression in JUST the same general area as that monumental space craft from the Star Wars Saga.    It is a pretty amazing sight. 
     However, images like this are not only kind of amazing to view, but, some quite useful, scientific data can be gathered from them.   Rather than repeating the information, let me point you to The Bad Astronomer blog entry that discusses this at some length.
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