Politics…When Did Lying Become OK?

The following is an Email forwarded to me by a friend. Some variation of it has been around since 2011 (at least), but, it keeps surfacing.    Although normally I just ignore nonsense like this,  I decided this time to run through the claims and see if there were any valid claims in the pile.   I also put in some rebuttals, here and there, too.   As you can tell, if you plough through it, there is very little truth to this…. The Sad thing is that there are a lot of folks, including some fairly well educated people, who believe this nonsense… I apologize for the length of this posting, but, it kind of snuck up on me, and, by the time I realized how much there was, my CDO had kicked in, and I found it impossible to NOT rebut the lies I found.

 So…Here it is:


WHEN – he [President Obama] refused to disclose who donated money to his election campaign, as other candidates had done, people said it didn’t matter.

     While it is true that Pres Obama hasnot taken the time and expense to list the millions of people who donated small amounts to his campaigns, to imply that OTHER candidates DO provide this information is an out and out lie. Not a single candidate of either party is willing to release donor lists without being forced to do it. After all, how many donor lists do the Koch brothers show up on? Almost none….yet they are pumping billions of dollars into the political system to manipulate it so as to turn it into THEIR vision of paradise. And folks, if you think that vision is good for you….Well….think again.

WHEN – he received endorsements from people like Louis Farrakhan, Muramar Kaddafi and Hugo Chavez, people said it didn’t matter.

     It is true that Louis Farrakhan said Obama was America’s New beginning. But, considering the crap that people of color have had inflicted on them for decades, I suspect that almost anyone that was not an old, white guy would look good.   Also, Pres. Obama IS a community activist, trying to improve the lot of the disadvantaged in America… Since then, Farrakhan has had plenty of criticism of President Obama. 

     Kaddafi not only did not endorse Pres. Obama, but, the fact that a little while after taking office, the USA, under the control of Pres. Obama, encouraged his overthrow and execution, which, if Kaddafi HAD been a supporter of President Obama would have put a chill on that relationship. . Remember that under earlier presidents, the USA had bombed many of Kaddafi’s homes, killing his children and wives, but missing him –so he would have no love for ANY part of the USA. 

      Chavez called Dubya “The Devil”, but did say he thought Pres. Obama was an intelligent man, and was a good president. Venezuela has suffered from sanctions so that sounds more like sucking up to try and get access to American Markets than any real love for Obama!  It is simplistic and unwarranted to imply that the endorsement of any of these men means that Pres. Obama is not one of the best presidents America has had in the past 30 years…

WHEN – it was pointed out that he was a total newcomer and had absolutely no experience at anything except community organizing, people said it didn’t matter.

     No one comes into the presidency the first time as an experienced veteran. Also, Pres. Obama is a constitutional lawyer and one step below a full professor in the subject. He has, indeed, done other things in his life. Besides, if the President is supposed to understand America and do what is best for ALL citizens, then, which is the better choice? A high-end lawyer who is so rich that they are insulated from the normal world (See examples of how Presidents have been amazed by a barcode scanner), and whose interactions with poorer folks are very carefully controlled and limited?  Or a man who has been down in the trenches, seeing how the government and other citizens screw each other over, how the average citizen’s financial situation is eroding away thanks to the greed of Wall Street, and, has  been fighting to bring justice, fairness and mercy to the needy in society? I would go with the latter myself.

WHEN – he chose friends andacquaintances such as Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn who wererevolutionary radicals, people said it didn’t matter.

     Do you remember the 60s, when Ayers and Dohrn were part of the Weather Underground? It was a time when radical changes were happening in American society, and, the government was proving exactly how much of an enemy of the people it was. It is true that they made some unwise decisions during that time, that had long-term consequences. But, they faced them, paid their price to society by spending time in jail and on probation, and, today are trying to be the best citizens they can be. As a part of that they are still questioning authority…but, now it is within the system. Can any of us honestly say we got through our 20s without making ANY bad decisions, or taking actions that, looking back, might have been done differently? I think not. So, let him/her that is without sin cast the first stone.  Again, while he might have been acquainted with them, there are no documented evidence  that he embraced their radical philosophy.

WHEN – his voting record in theIllinois Senate and in the U.S. Senate came into question, people said it didn’t matter.

     Ok…I did not search out everycriticism of his voting record, but, the first several I found were either on Constitutionally questionable laws, or, complicated and (in some cases) unnecessary laws that were subject to mis-use. SO, since the only folks that seemed to hate him for his votes are Right-Wingers, it sounds more like an agenda thing than a rational thing.

WHEN – he refused to wear a flag lapel pin and did so only after a public outcry, people said it didn’tmatter.

     He stopped wearing the pin as a matter of course after 9/11, because he saw a lot of people wearing it that were not acting like patriots and good, American citizens. He realized that it had become a meaningless symbol, and so decided he was going to make sure his ACTIONS spoke to his patriotism. I have to say that I agree, as I have seen too many people in the past couple of decades who have been waving the American Flag like an icon, but, acting more like the Taliban or ISIS. Actions speak louder than words….

WHEN – people started treating him as a Messiah and children in schools were taught to sing his praises, people said it didn’t matter.

     There is a book, “A child of hope” that is written on about a third grade level, that pushing the simple lessons of hard work, honesty, caring for others and trying to make life better for all. It is apparently used in some schools as reading material. Now, it is for 9 year old kids, so of COURSE it is simplistic…but, I do not see anyone besides Conspiracy Loonies and Right-Wingers who are claiming that it paints Pres. Obama as the Messiah! This is spin to push and agenda.

WHEN – he stood with his hands over his groin area for the playing of the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance, people said it didn’t matter.

     There is a little to much interest inPres. Obama’s groin here. There is one -and only ONE picture showing him standing with his hands clasped in front of him during the Anthem. And yes, like most men, his arms are long enough that his hands are indeed, at groin level. Pres. Obama is a human like the rest of us. Who knows how tired he was that day, or distracted because of worries. Will we condemn a person for ONE moment? If we do. that will go a long way towards cutting the excess population!  I am sure that the author will be one of the few remaining alive, too, as she is obviously perfect every moment of the day!   

WHEN – he surrounded himself in the White House with advisors who were pro-gun control, pro-abortion,pro-homosexual marriage and wanting to curtail freedom of speech to silence the opposition, people said it didn’t matter.

     Pres. Obama, like every other president before him, has advisors that, in general, agree with his platform. This is hardly a surprise. After all, Dubya had Cheney as his number one advisor, and HE wants to take us back into the middle of the Cold War, to bankrupt America with war spending that enriches him and his buddies. As for the homosexual marriage thing…No one is forcing anyone to get married to a same-sex spouse. Rather, the push is to give those people who happen to love and bepair-bonded to a same sex person the same rights that every other American has. Finally, while there have been some issues with freedom of speech that I am not happy with….the changes are so far from what is implied here that they are not even on the same planet. After all, neither the Author, nor any of the congress-critters, or any member of Fox News, or Rush Limbaugh, or any of a thousand other people foaming at the mouth with hate over what President Obama is doing has vanished, or been censored. Know what would happen if Pres. Obama was REALLY intent on silencing opposition? Let us say you are Shaun Hannity, or Rush Limbaugh. One day your neighbors would wake up to find the front door of your house standing open, and no one there. There would be a chance that the same thing would happen at the homes of your parents, brothers and sisters. Everyone would be gone, and you would never be seen again. It MIGHT happen that in a few decades, some explorer driving through the deserts in the South West might find a femur sticking out of the ground, but,even that is unlikely. There might be a little burst of puzzlement over where you had gone, but, that would pass quickly, and you would be forgotten. That does not happen in America, because ALL presidents respect the Constitution and the limits it places on Government….We are a society of laws…not a dictatorship…and every one should thank their lucky stars this is true.

WHEN – he said he favors sex education in kindergarten, including homosexual indoctrination, people said it didn’t matter.

     Actually, there have been a number of scientific studies that have shown that a simple introduction to human sexuality to young children produces  positive results. They tend to be more understanding of others, respectful of the other sex, and less likely to end up unwed parents in their late teens. Of course one has to work on the level the kids can deal with. It is not like they are showing them hard-core porn and saying “This is how mommy and daddy made you”. As for the concept of homosexual indoctrination….that is so delusional that it ceases to be funny. It does not exist because homosexuality is not a choice! It is a result of the way the brain is wired, and, that is genetic in nature. If you really believe it is a decision one makes, then, let me ask the author…when did YOU decide to be heterosexual?  That having been said…yes…as a part of that sexual education, the subject of LGBT folks should  be addressed…it cannot be ignored. Also, by the by I suspect pedophilia will be talked about too…

WHEN – his personal background was either scrubbed or hidden and nothing could be found about him, people said it didn’t matter.

     Unless there is some proof to supportit, this statement is nothing more than an out and out lie,  included only to push the author’s agenda.

WHEN – the place of his birth was called into question, and he refused to produce a birth certificate,people said it didn’t matter.

     Why am I not surprised that the author is a birther? I am fairly sure she will hold onto that delusion no matter what. The fact of the matter is that there is much independent evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii, and, he HAS released a copy of his birth certificate. So, again…nothing more than a lie to push an agenda.

WHEN – he had an association in Chicago with Tony Rezco- a man of questionable character, who is now in prison, and had helped Obama to a sweet deal on the purchase of his home – people said it didn’t matter.

      Another lie. Rezco and Obama’s only connection was that they bought lots next to each other that had been subdivided by the original owner. Later on, Obama did buy a strip on Rezco’s land, to get a bigger yard (I assume for his kids). Rezco had nothing to do with Obama’s purchase. He got a discount on the house because it had been on the market for months and it was WAY overpriced. His bid was a bit better than the one OTHER bid for the house, so Pres. Obama was able to purchase it at a notable discount..

WHEN – it became known that George Soros, a multi-billionaire Marxist, spent a ton of money to get him elected, people said it didn’t matter.

     It is true that Soros contributed a million bucks or so to a PAC trying to elect Pres. Obama. On theother hand, the Koch brothers are doing the exact same thing…so I look at this as a wash. They are both massively rich 1%ers trying to change the world. As for him being a Marxist….does the author not realize that becoming a billionaire and being a “real”Marxist are contradictory views of reality – unless she is talkingabout Groucho Marx, I suppose… So…meaningless spin that basically says “A rich guy contributed money to get a Democrat elected”. Sadly enough, for the haters, ALL Americans have the right of free speech.  This means that anyone can contribute money to whatever candidate they think will be best for them.  I suspect that if some investigation were done, the author would find that Soros has contributed to Right-Wing candidates too.

WHEN – he started appointing White House Czars that were radicals, revolutionaries, and even avowed Marxist/Communists, people said it didn’t matter.

    First off, Czars is a media term, not a governmental title. It is meaningless and bestows no more power than the office they are in has. Secondly, almost any activist of that age was likely a radical or revolutionary in the 60s.  But what we are in youth is not what we are as adults. It is true that one of his appointments (Anthony Kapel Jones) said he was (for a period) a communist in the early 90s.  However, he was only in the administration from March to September of 2009, so, I do not think he had any great influence on policy or actions. I suspect a little research would find records of EVERY president firing someone who turned out to have questionable associations. So…again…spin to push an agenda.

WHEN – he stood before the Nation and told us that his intentions were to “fundamentally transform this Nation” into something else, people said it didn’t matter.

     This is true.  But what WAS that transformation?  I  submit that his goal was to try and turn America around from the path of self destruction it was on. He wanted to stop the level of unbridled greed in the financial world, and remove the unregulated playground that allowed the hedge fund managers to destroy America’seconomy, leaving it on the edge of death for a decade or more, while waltzing off with billions of dollars for themselves. These financial games not only came close to destroying America’s economic position in the world, but, it put millions of Americans in financial hardship, and in many cases ended up with them being kicked out of the house they had worked so hard to get. It has left many others with huge burdens from paying obsolete mortgages on houses that are worth 60% of what the original price was. It has hurt retirees because the investment income they depend on for survival and a comfortable life have taken huge cuts. Some folks have had their net worth cut by 60% or more….and have gone from a relatively comfortable state to wondering how long they can stay in their homes,and, each month having to decide “what do I spend money on? Medications? Utilities? Food?”.

     A part of the economic destruction of America were the multiple war fronts that Bush and Cheney pushed us into. Those debacles cost America a couple TRILLION dollars, thousands of dead, and tens of thousands of maimed young men and women that will carry the scars with them for the rest of their lives. There were a number of  sad things about these wars,  including the fact that we were pushed into it by a lie. There were no weapons of Mass Destruction left. Then there was the fact that neither Iraq nor Afghanistan were sources of the terrorism that brought down the towers on 9/11;  There is the fact that when push comes to shove,  we lost those wars. We bailed out,  leaving the region  in far worse shape than we found it, and, our actions while there have managed to create many, many people who now hate America and what it stands for so much that they are a huge pool of potential terrorists to draw from. And of course, I have to point out that after years of Pres. Buish chasing Osama bin Laden, and failing to capture or kill him, in a surprisingly short time, President Obama achieved that goal, and sent him to feed the fishes. More importantly, President Obama has worked, in spite of massive resistance from the Right, to draw down our presence in the area; Cut down the costs associated with the war; and get our kids back without more dying.

     In addition Pres. Obama  vowed to address the massively abusive health insurance industry.  Before the ACA, it was hard to get coverage. If you could get considered for a policy, the companies would dig into every aspect of your life, searching for a “pre-existing condition”  that would either allow them to jack up your premium, exclude the condition from the policy, or use it to deny you coverage. Many of the policies that WERE written were total junk. They were cheap…true enough, but God help you if you tried to file a claim. At that point, you would discover they covered nothing, and had such a high deductible that you would be out tens of thousands of dollars before they paid a penny out. Far too often the first action taken by the insurance company when you filed a claim was to cancel your policy. Even if you managed to keep the policy, every year you would see rate hikes of anywhere from 20% to 60%. Now, many of these abuses are regulated and either gone or on the way out. Recent studies have found that the actual cost of medical care in America is dropping to saner levels too…

     To touch on the economic situation in America again for a moment…When Pres. Obama took office, he  saw an America where the Stock market was augering down, and the deficit was expanding like a balloon on a compressor. During his administration, the Stock Market has recovered to values not seen since the late 90s. The deficit is down to something like a third of what it was under the previous administration, and continues to shrink. The economy is still very bad and very fragile, but, unlike under the previous administration,it IS recovering and may, in another few years reach a stronger point that it is no longer on the ragged edge of disaster.

     I could go on, as the list of things that are GOOD about President Obama wanting to change America is a lengthy one, but, I think this makes the point. It sounds to me as if the author is wanting America to stay on a path that is guaranteed to end up with us losing our position as a world power, and becoming more like England, in terms of our economy and influence.

WHEN – it became known that he had trained ACORN workers in Chicago and served as an attorney for ACORN, people said it didn’t matter.

     This is a quote from Politifact.com that pretty well covers this : “Obama once took on a case for ACORN. But Obama was never a staff attorney for ACORN. He did not do ongoing work for the organization. He handled one case along with two other attorneys. ACORN was one of several plaintiffs. And theU.S. Department of Justice sided with ACORN in the case. We think Rove’s comment suggests a deeper legal relationship between Obama and ACORN than actually existed. And so we rule Rove’s statement HalfTrue.”   Also, there is NO documentation that he ever “Trained ACORN workers”….So..this is nothing more than  spin to push the anti-Obama agenda.

WHEN – he appointed cabinet members and several advisers who were tax cheats and socialists, people said it didn’t matter.

     I  could find ONE person – Tim Geithner– who the IRS dinged for taxes he had not paid. In that case, his(fairly reasonable explanation) was that he was under the impression that the IMF (which he was attached to for four years) was paying the taxes. He did file the paperwork, apparently…. Now, I have had that happen to me, when I worked for a bit as a consultant. I was assured that the client was paying the taxes…yet…a few years later I got dinged for them because they had NOT done so. In any case, he did not argue about them, but, paid up, so…this seems like MORE Spin.   As for the Socialist issue….Having a society with a large amount of Democratic Socialsm is not a bad thing, and, if the author thinks America is not that, they are , again, delusional.   The Police Force, the Fire Department,   the Department of Transportation that  keeps the roads in shape, and builds new roads,  are all examples of socialism in America that work pretty well.

WHEN – he appointed a Science Czar,John Holdren, who believes in forced abortions, mass sterilizationsand seizing babies from teen mothers, people said it didn’t matter.

     Apparently, in 1977, Mr. Holdren wrote a book looking far into the future and speculating about possible roads that might be taken to do population control. Indeed, one of the projected roads  was forced abortion…but that was only one among several possible options. It was philosophical debate people…not a statement of core values. Also, what is important are his beliefs NOW and how he would handle reality now…Are any of us hanging onto the views we had in 1977? I suspect some are but most are not, because we have lived about 40 years, and, have a much broader view of reality. As for the Seizing babies from teen mothers….not only does that happen today, it has nothing to do with President Obama. It has happened for decades! Also I have heard people of all political persuasions arguing that this would be a good course of action. Now, the sad thing is that they really have no idea what to do once they have the babies in hand….as there are no easy or inexpensive answers to that part of the equation. So…does Mr. Holdren “BELIEVE” in these actions? I have not found a single website that has any objectivity that says “Yes”, and none of the rabid Right Wing sites care to provide quotes or links to support their stance. Once  again…a lie in support of an agenda.

WHEN – he appointed Cass Sunstein asRegulatory Czar who believes in “Explicit Consent,”harvesting human organs without family consent and allowing animals to be represented in court, while banning all hunting, people said itdidn’t matter.

     Ok…Mr. Sunstein apparently supportsthe idea of an “Opt Out” policy on organ donation. Right now,America has an “opt in” that requires the survivors to give permission to harvest organs. This “opt out” policy is quite common in Europe, actually, and, does not mean that the family cannot tell the doctors they do not want to donate. What the “Opt In” policy  does is increase the number of organs available for transplant.  It also saves time in harvesting the organs, and, with organs, time is of the essence. Every minute the organ is left in the body it deteriorates. So if it can be removed quickly, it is going to be in better shape for transplant. An “Opt Out” policy kicks up the number of available organs from the 2%-5% in America to the 70% or so that is common in Europe. The more organs that are available, the more people that can be saved, and live a relatively normal life.         As for the representing animals in court….that stems from many years ago, when Mr. Sunstein was advocating for abused animals, and proposed that Federal law be changed to allow humans to go to court to try and redress the injuries done to the animals. Finally, about hunting….He is against hunting for sport or fun…and there I agree with him,because I look upon anyone that derives joy from the act of killing another living creature to be damaged. He is fine with defense, or for food, though…again… I agree with him there.

WHEN – he appointed Kevin Jennings, a homosexual and organizer of a group called Gay, Lesbian, Straight,Education Network as Safe School Czar and it became known that he had a history of bad advice to teenagers, people said it didn’t matter.

     First off, why would the sexual preferences of the director of a program to keep schools safe placefor everyone be an issue? Almost all pedophiles are straight men, so should we complain about one of THEM being appointed to direct the program? The “bad advice” accusation has been made before,and, frankly, is questionable. In any case, any advice was given after he was (technically) and adult, and in private conversations. In addition, the events in question happened over 20 years ago… Are any of US giving out the same advice now that we would have 20 years ago? I hope not…because there should be   a lot of maturing and increases in wisdom over that 20 year period of living.

WHEN – he appointed Mark Lloyd as Diversity Czar [A person] who believes in curtailing free speech, taking from one and giving to another to spread the wealth, who supports HugoChavez, people said it didn’t matter.

     Well, first off, Mr. Lloyd was not appointed by President Obama. He was appointed by the FCC -which is an independent agency of the government. Look up this guy’s academic credentials. He has been an advocate for free speech and communication for decades. There is NO sign that he supports Hugo Chavez ,either – although, even if he did…so what? He was not at a policy level, or a cabinet level,  so, it would be unlikely that he would have ANY influence over America’s path. Granted the FCC does control communications, but, there have been ZERO instances of it attempting to censor speech that did not support the current Administration. Fox news, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh as well as many others are still on the air, are they not?

WHEN – Valerie Jarrett, an avowed Socialist, was selected as Obama’s Senior White House Advisor, people said it didn’t matter.

     Valerie Jarrett was not, and is not a communist or socialist. The closest she MIGHT come to it is that her father was rumored to have been a member of the Party for a while. But, again, no actual proof. A lie, created by right-winger commentators to push their agenda.

     WHEN -Anita Dunn, White House Communications Director, said Mao Tse Tung was her favorite philosopher and the person she turned to most for inspiration, people said it didn’t matter.

     Spin and a lie created by clipping outa sound bite. Here is what Ms. Dunn actually said:

     “DUNN: A lot of you have a great deal of ability. A lot of you work hard. Put them together, and that answers the “Why not?” question. There’s usually not a good reason.  And then the third lesson and typically  come from two of my favorite political philosophers, MaoZedong and Mother Teresa — not often coupled with each together, but the two people that I turn to most to basically deliver a simple point, which is, you’re going to make choices. You’re going to challenge. You’re going to say, “Why not?” You’re going to figure out how to do things that have never been done before. But here’s the deal: These are your choices. They are no one else’s.  In 1947, when Mao Zedong was being challenged within his own party on his plan to basically take China over, Chiang Kai-shek and the Nationalist Chinese held the cities, they had the army, they had the air force, they had everything on their side. And people said, “How can you win? How can you do this? How can you do this against all of the odds against you?” And Mao Zedong said  “You fight your war, and I’ll fight mine.”  Think about that for a second.  You know, you don’t have to accept the definition of how to do things, and you don’t have to follow other people’s choices and paths,  OK? It is about your choices and your path. You fight your own war. You lay out your own path. You figure out what’s right for you. You don’t let external definition define how good you are internally. You fight your war. You let them fight theirs. Everybody has their own path.

     And then Mother Teresa, who, upon receiving a letter from a fairly affluent young person who asked her whether she could come over and help with that orphanage in Calcutta,responded very simply: “Go find your own Calcutta.” OK? Go find your own Calcutta. Fight your own path. Go find the thing that is unique to you, the challenge that is actually yours, not somebody else’s challenge”

WHEN – he appointed Carol Browner, awell-known socialist as Global Warming Czar working on Cap and Tradeas the nation’s largest tax, people said it didn’t matter.

Not only is Ms. Browner NOT asocialist, but, “Cap and Trade” is a Republican idea, supportedby them for years now.

WHEN – he appointed Van Jones, an ex-con and avowed Communist as Green Energy Czar, who since had to resign when this was made known, people said it didn’t matter.

     Touched on this earlier. Van Jones was a part of the administration from March 2009 until September 2009. He was forced to resign not because he was an ex-con or a communist, but, because he went onto news programs and ranted about stuff in a way that showed he was kind of fanatical and bat-shit crazy. So…Pres. Obama took the step to keep his administration in the Moderate area….and keep the fanatics out of it.

WHEN – Tom Daschle, Obama’s pick for Health and Human Services Secretary could not be confirmed because he was a tax cheat, people said it didn’t matter.

     Actually, there were several reasons that made it obvious he would not be confirmed. The tax issue arose from the fact that he neglected to report the company car and driver he had as “income”  Apparently everyone was so used to him getting it free as a Senator, that it slipped through the cracks. He did realize the mistake, and self-reported it. He was a bit slow paying it because it he had not realized it would be such a “Jawdropping amount”. A bigger issue was that in the years since he had left the Senate, he had worked as a lobbyist for the health care industry – and that was who he was going to be overseeing. He may have thought he could do it objectively, but, I suspect the confirmation committee would have disagreed.

WHEN – as President of the United States , he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia

     And what? This proves that Saudia Arabia is over America now? This is a tempest in a tea cup,frankly. I recall this, and it was more of a polite “incline”. If nothing else, think of it as an example of noblesse oblige on the part of President Obama. At least he did not go strolling in the gardens hand in hand with the king!   Now, who would do that?  Oh yes, It was George Bush!

WHEN – he traveled around the worldcriticizing America and never once talking of her greatness, peoplesaid it didn’t matter.

     A lie. The closest to this that President Obama came was to say that we had made mistakes, and we were trying to clean up our act. He has NEVER slagged the Country either when in or out of America. However, when the government or people have been failing to live up to the American Ideal, he has not been shy about pointing that out.

WHEN – his actions concerning theMiddle East seemed to support the Palestinians over Israel , ourlongtime ally, people said it didn’t matter.

     Not even going to get into that barrel of worms very far. I will say, though, that Israel’s hands have not been clean for decades in this conflict. They have taken actions that, if it had been anyone else, would have caused the entire world to condemn them. It is quite likely that President Obama has pointedout this fact, and suggested that everyone clean up their act, and take a step back. President Obama would like to see a solution that allows the Palestinians and Israelis can live in peace, and not be turning the entire area into a blood-soaked rubble pit. SO, of course, he is suggesting solutions that involve the Palestinians getting a little bit, and the Israelis giving up a little bit. Hardly a reason to condemn him, or imply that he is doing a bad job. Would the author rather that we send over a flight of b-52s and carpet bomb Gaza into a glass-lined swimming pool, so the Israelis can build a Howard Johnson’s next to it?

WHEN – he took American tax dollars to resettle thousands of Palestinians from Gaza to the United States ,people said it didn’t matter.

     This is a lie.   America did spend several millions of dollars, but, it was for humanitarian aid (Food, water, blankets, clothing, etc)  and was NOT used to relocate anyone to the United States.

WHEN – he upset the Europeans by removing plans for missile defense system against the Russians,people said it didn’t matter.

     It is true the missile defense system was scrapped.   And, I am sure there were some Europeans that were upset about it.   However, the threat is not from Russia, but, from Iran and similar countries in the Milddle East, so the attention was turned to changing the location of the equipment.   Add to that the fact that it did not work well at all, and, it finally became obvious to even the dimmest wit that it was a waste of money.

WHEN – he played politics in Afghanistan by not sending troops early-on when the Field Commanders said they were necessary to win, people said it didn’t matter.

    So, the author is second-guessing the President’s decisions here?   Show some proof that the field commanders EVER said that it was a winnable war, or that there were complaints that Pres. Obama sent in troops after too great a delay.   The lie here is that anyone really thought that a war in the Middle East was winnable!   It never has been, and, America is not a miracle worker that COULD make it happen.  

WHEN – he started spending us into a debt that was so big we could not pay it off, people said it didn’tmatter.

     A lie.   Since President Obama has taken office, the deficit (and therefore the growth of the debt) has steadily decreased until is is a fraction of the legacy the previous administrations left.   In addition….to ignore the fact that the current debt is the product of decades of foolish policy decisions and pork-barrel greed (mostly by Republican administrations)   is denial of the first order.   If the author wants to find a scapegoat for the debt,   then look to the administrations who passed huge tax cuts, mostly helping the rich and ultra-rich,  yet, continued to spend money like drunken sailors.   Again…those were Republican administrations!

WHEN – he took a huge spending bill under the guise of stimulus and used it to pay off organizations, unions, and individuals that got him elected, people said it didn’tmatter.

     Unless there is documented evidence of this, then this statement is nothing more than a lie, attempting to smear the President.

WHEN – he took over insurance companies, car companies, banks, etc., people said it didn’t matter.

     Ok…President Obama did NOT take over anything.   Some banks, which were insolvent were closed and sold to other banks.   Every automobile manufacturer who received the stimulus LOAN (mentioned above, by the by) has repaid it, with interest.    As for insurance companies being “taken over’….what companies?   I do not know of a single instance of the government taking over an insurance company.   And it did matter because these actions saved millions of Americans from even more financial losses, and, helped regenerate automobile manufacturing in the USA….which kept people working and earning a living.   To me, that sounds like a good thing!

WHEN – he took away student loans from the banks and put it through the government, people said it didn’tmatter.

     This is a lie.   The administration has NOT removed student loans from the private banking system.   Now, the government has always provided student loans,  but, only as one of several options.   

WHEN – he designed plans to take over the health care system and put it under government control, people said it didn’t matter.

     The author is saying this like it was a bad thing, and, frankly, people DID say it mattered!    After decades of being abused by the Health Insurance industry,  the ACA addresses and regulates the worst abuses, and, ensures that ALL Americans can have access to affordable health insurance.   Already millions of Americans that did not have insurance now DO have it, and are able to deal with health issues before they get to be so much of a crisis that a trip to the ER and its horrendously expensive care is the only answer to curing the problem.    To imply this is a bad thing for the citizens is, again, a bald-faced lie.

WHEN -he claimed he was a Christian during the election and tapes were later made public that showed Obama speaking to a Muslim group and ‘stating’ that he was raised a Muslim, was educated as a Muslim, and is still a Muslim, people said it didn’t matter.

     This is such an obvious lie it is amazing anyone has the courage to drag it out again.   It has been refuted so often it is not even funny.   Like it or not, Pres. Obama is a Christian, has been a Christian for most if not all his life, and, has no inclination to become a Muslim.    Now, it is quite possible that, when younger, he did attend a Madrass (which, by the by is the exact same thing as the Christian Schools in America),  as part of his educational journey.  However, he was there to learn reading, writing and arithmetic, just like the rest of us…not to be indoctrinated into a religious belief.   His attendence at a Christian church for his entire life indicates that he is not a very good Muslim at all.

     That having been said….why does it matter?   If the author will read the Constitution, she will find that one’s religious beliefs are specifically banned as a criterion for qualifying for an office in the government.   As long as the president fulfills the duties he swears to in the Oath of Office, who or what he worships is not relevant. 

WHEN -he set into motion a plan to takeover the control of all energy in the United States through Cap andTrade, people said it didn’t matter.

    Ok…again…Cap and Trade is a REPUBLICAN plan, not a Democratic plan.   Secondly, the government already controls the    Electric Utilities which keep our lives ticking along. Utilities like this are a governmental function, and even the privately owned generating plants are heavily regulated.   Finally,  President Obama has been in office for five years or more now.   There are no signs that any such energy takeover is happening, and, to say it is being hidden is foolish.  Nothing that big could be hidden from the media, and, they would be all over it like ducks on a June bug.

WHEN – he finally completed his transformation of America into a Socialist State , people woke up —but it was too late.

Add these up one by one and you get a score that points to the fact  that Barrack Hussein Obama is determined to turn America into a  Marxist-Socialist society.

All of the items in the preceding paragraphs have been put into place. All can be documented very easily.

Before you disavow this, do an Internet search. The last paragraph alone is not yet cast in stone. You and I will write that paragraph. Will it read as above or will it be a happier ending for most of America ?

Don’t just belittle the opposition.  Search for the truth. We all need to pull together or watch the demise of a free Democratic society.   We need to seek the truth and take action for it will keep us FREE.   Will our Republic survive? Our biggest enemy is not China , Russia , North Korea or Iran . Our biggest enemy is our complacent selves.The government will not help, so we need to do it ourselves.

     Question….will you delete this, or pass it on to others who don’t know or chose to ignore Obama’s actions and his plans for the USA, so that they may have facts, use discernment and better judgment when it is time to vote in November, 2016 and the ensuing years?

It’s your decision. Does it matter?……AND WHEN?*

     As for this closing paragraph on the letter….I believe that I have not just belittled the author….but have provided factual data to point out the fallacies of their rant.   As for their claims of “easily proved”  and such….nonsense….again, my replies are based on Net searches that found dozens of examples undercutting their opinions.   The thesis that Pres. Obama is trying to turn America into a Marxist-Socialist state is foolish and unsupported by ANY facts.    Oh, and why refer to him as “Barack Hussein Obama?”   It sounds to me as if the author is trying to sneakily make him seem more of an outsider…NOT of the tribe, so, probably a danger to the tribe.   Classic manipulation, but, pretty childish of them I have to say….


     One ofthe really sad things about this rant is that the author is happy as a clam to complain about how terrible things are, yet, they offer no options about what they would prefer to do to fix the problems.

     For example, the author takes a couple of shots at the ACA. Ignoring the fact that it has already provided many benefits, in spite of its chopped up version that the Right-Wingers forced on the administration.   it has already gotten affordable insurance for millions of Americans; It has eliminated many of the abuses the insurance industry implemented in order to make more profit from the American public, and, it is causing the cost of health care to decrease a bit. More people are able to go to the doctor before an illness becomes a crisis and requires a trip to the ER (Which is the MOST EXPENSIVE way to treat a problem). This is helping keep people more healthy and productive. An increasing number of Americans, both who have already benefited from the ACA and who have just heard of it, are changing their opinions away from hating it to actually liking it. I saw a poll recently that found that when people were told some benefits of the health care law, and,asked if they liked ObamaCare, they said they still hated it. Yet,if the same benefits were listed and it was called the ACA, they said they liked it pretty well.

     That having been said….what alternative does the author offer? Should we keep the old form of insurance, and return vast numbers of Americans to a state where they fear going to the doctor because they are sincerely afraid that they will end up financially ruined and in bankruptcy from the costs of treating their issues? How is THAT good for America?

     This continual drumbeat of President Obama trying to make America a Marxist/Socialist state simply proves that the author has no understanding of either philosophy, and,  perhaps should spend a bit of time getting some education before posting rants like this.

     As I mentioned at the beginning of this entry, this Email, in various permutations has been around since 2011 or earlier, and, has NO more truth to it now than it did then. It is nothing but ignorance and hate, spewing out and attempting to inflame the emotions of the less educated so as to keep them from thinking about how they are being manipulated in order to keep the 1% making money without fear of regulation or law.

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