Time slips away at the speed of thought, it seems.

    Greetings and Salutations;

     I realized the other day that it has been six months since I added anything to this collection of ramblings.   It seems, though, that it was just yesterday.    So….What shall I talk about this time?
     Oddly enough….how about bees?   The winter is passing,   and in some areas,  it is warm enough that the bees are starting to stir again and venture out.   In a month or so, the colonies will really start waking up, and kicking into that “Spring” production cycle.   I wonder how many of us beekeepers will go to the Apiary then,  and find some percentage of the colony hives empty and cold,  or filled with dead bees?   Too many I fear!    It seems it is getting harder and harder to keep colonies alive and healthy.  There are, I believe,  several factors here.   First off,   the weather in the East Tennessee area remains a challenge for the girls.   The very hot periods stress the hive,   and the lack of rain makes it harder and harder for them to retrieve the water they need for survival.   Then, there is the weird weather temperature patterns we continue to experience.   This week, for example,  the highs are hanging in the mid 50s to low 60s.  A few weeks ago, we had single digit highs for a week or so.     Finally,   this insane rush to use more and more pesticides, sprayed randomly around like a deadly fog,  has GOT to be weakening the colonies.  Even if the pesticides do not kill the girls,   they do weaken the bugs,  allowing mites and other parasites to flourish, and, cutting the energy they have for good housekeeping.   The EPA has just approved yet ANOTHER deadly chemical which may have terrible effects on the colonies.   Here is an article about it:  About EPA Approval   What will it take for society to realize the vital importance of bees?   Will we have to have hundreds of thousands of workers in the fields, hand pollinating vegetables to keep society from starving?   And will we be happy about the huge increase in food costs that stem from this?   We can do without a new car, or  a vacation, or new clothes…but food is vital for our survival.   I suggest that everyone keep their eyes open for approval hearings like the EPA held for this toxin, and, let your opinion be known.
Remember –  THe only thing that needs to happy for Evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.
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