Bees and Pesticides…Good Stewardship?

 Greetings and Salutations;

     The destruction of bee colonies by Nicotinoid based pesticides not only continues, but is spreading through the entire ecosystem of insects.   This article about it is short, but worth reading.  
Time after time studies have shown that overuse of general pesticides are killing off the bee colonies we love and need, and yet,  the companies continue to produce GMO plants that are resistant to these poisons,  allowing more and more of the stuff to be sprayed around.    I find it pretty hard to find anything intelligent, considerate of the future, or wise about these actions!    I am not even going to get into the fact that the trend in “commercial” produce these days is towards an item that looks pretty,  and has a long shelf life, but has so little taste it is hardly more than a texture source for the mouth.   
     Now, though, the toxins are getting so embedded in the environment that they are wiping out other species of bugs too, and, as the article points out,  this will have a huge impact on the food chain of various birds and other creatures.   It is just too much to express in any way that is readable….and is such poor stewardship of the Earth it is embarrassing.     
     I used to be fairly sure that an out of control Global Climate change would wipe out humanity.  Now, I wonder which suicidal path will get to us first?   Will drought caused by climate change wipe out our ability to grow crops and have sustinence?   Or will the destruction of the roots of the food chain cause a massive extinction event?    The coin is in the air, people!   Do we, as a species, what to give into our basic nature of desiring to die and take every living thing we can with us?   Or do we grow in wisdom, and, start working to clean up the huge destruction we have caused to the Earth, and live in harmony with it?
Pleasant Dreams.
Bee Man Dave
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