Dealing with a Trumpster!

      Greetings and Salutations;

Today,  I was reading a thread on Facebook,  wherein  there was another one of the usual spewings of uneducated, unsupported opinion that show up any time one of The Donald’s Minions manages to get online.   Well,  there were quite a few comments to the thread, but one was SO great I had to grab it and post it here.   THe writer is a man after my own heart!   The subject of the original post was the sad situation of a developmentally disabled young man  who had the misfortune of driving a buddy who decided do kill a guy in the process of robbing his store.   THis was in Texas of course,  a place that loves death,  but, even there out of the many, many executions they have rejoiced in,  only a handful of people who were not directly involved in the killing have been executed.   Well,  anyway,   in the thread,  was this comment:
Pr****** Wh***** It’s to bad Texas can’t kill him twice. He should have stayed his ass at home instead of being part of a criminal act.
Of the various comments,  this is the one that caught my eye, and gave me such amusement:
E.S.  Pr***** Wh*****,  I know it’s not your fault that you’re an inbred mongoloid douchebag. However you should stop the madness and break the family tradition of fucking your mother, sisters, and cousins. Your gene pool isn’t diverse enough and it’s doing terrible things to your intelligence. Not to mention the horrible physical disfigurements. Next time you’re gazing upon the white trash trollop that is your sister/mother/cousin and you’re overcome with unclean thoughts. Resist! Your perversion comes at a terrible cost. Search deep down and see if you can get one or two of the remaining dozen or so neurons to fire and keep that tiny little pathetic excuse for a dick in your pants. I realize you’re probably a latent homosexual and are filled with great rage everytime you see man ass and are too cowardly to satisfy your greatest desires, but fucking your mother isn’t the answer. You should probably kill yourself.

Just a moment to remind us of what a sharp instrument the Pen can be!

Pleasant Dreams
Bee Man Dave

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