Interacting With Trump Supporters

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Well,   I just finished an interesting interaction with a couple of Trump Supporters,  that kind of covers the entire spectrum of their attitudes.   JSM  is an old   friend of the family.   CM  lives in a small city near me.   I offer the unedited conversation for your amusement (or whatever).

(The comment attached to the above picture was denigrating,  and implied that the protestors were simply being thoughtless at discarding their signs.)


Dave Mundt: These are on the sidewalk outside the donald’s hotel. So, I fully support this action.

 JSM: Yeah,you would

 JSM: &it’s still called “littering”!

 Dave Mundt: Protests are rarely neat and proper. That is kind of the  whole PURPOSE of protest. I am fairly sure, though that there were curators from the Smithsonian out there, collecting a bunch of these signs for a future exhibit..

 CM: So dave was your mom marching?

 Dave Mundt: If she had not been dead for 30 years, yes…she would have been there.

 CM: So she didnt want you then ?

 CM: You need to really dig deep do research o this so called womens march and see what the founder stood for

 Dave Mundt: What? are you delusional? What does a march for keeping the things that make America great today have to do with my birth?

Please read this blog entry I just put up…and learn something.…/the-womans-march-what-it-said…/

Also, why do youcall it a “so-called woman’s march”. Are you just being paternalistic, and denigrating women? It was a protest created by women, and organized by women. There were men involved too…but only because we support the truth they were speaking.

CM: Research the founder she was a racist

 Dave Mundt: CM: Tell you what…YOU are making the claim, so YOU provide some links to reliable sources that prove your claim.

It is a fact that the Woman’s Movement has had problems with race, mainly because it was started by white women, and, they were so focused on the issues affecting women that they failed to reach out to women of color.That, as with all sane movements, is changing.

Race And Feminism: Women’s March Recalls The Touchy History

 CM: Jus read her own work is all you hafta do in her own words the women arent out of any rights nothing has been took from them their marching for taxpayers to pay for their own fuck ups in their own life why should i pay for the meds or abortions get a job pay for the shit its that easy you dont pay my bills or for any of my things why should you thiers?

 Dave Mundt: CM: Ok…I will type slowly. There are several co-founders of the Woman’s March. WHICH ONE are you talking about? Also…where are those links?

CM: Pick one they all the same and fuck off dont need you to talk slow do you need a pacifier while you do your research

 Dave Mundt: CM: Young man…now you are just generalizing and thereby demonstrating your lack of education. If you insist on that being true, then, it is JUST as true that YOU are a White Supremacist,homophobic, hate-filled murderer. After all, you are a young, white male…just like D. Roof, and the members of Westboro Baptist.

CM: Enjoy your watching but see your the type that still wont admit your wrong or that what the movement stands for is bogus . And call me what you want think what yu want bout me im telling b4 you start with the libtard agenda and propaganda do a lil research not every march or protest is a good one most these women dont even know why or what they are marching for they are just there

The donald cultists are a perfect example of why America REALLY needs to work on its educational system.   They are also an indictment of the Church in America,  which allows this kind of hatred, and non-Christ-Like speech and actions to be “OK”.


God Help Us All

Bee Man Dave


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