Dealing With the donald Cultists….A Bit of Humor!

Greetings and Salutations;
Well,  the donald cultists cannot get over their humiliating win,   and so continue to attempt to attack anyone they can.   The following example showed up on my FB page earlier today….
Carl Bernstein,  who has just a LITTLE experience dealing with corrupt politicians,   was talking about the donald.   This article ended up on Alternet…which started a lengthy series of comments and threads.
The title of the article is:


Carl Bernstein Nails Trump’s Voter Fraud Quack: ‘This Is the Birther Conspiracy All Over Again’

“The president of the United States has embraced a piece of — it’s worse than fake news.”
Ernie Tubbs Poor ole Carl, he spits out shit when he feels left out.
Louis Westfall Ernie your ignorance would fill a library. You need to get out of your fact free bubble.
Ernie Tubbs Louis Westfall Get a job and go sit on a dildo
Dave Mundt And Louis for the WIN! Ernie, bless his little heart, proves Louis’ point.
Ernie Tubbs Dave Mundt I guess you want me to tell you to go sit on a dildo too. You liberals love to be insulted. How stupid can you get. Has your balls dropped yet?
Dave Mundt Ernie Tubbs Now…your mutt caught the car…YOU WON! Congratulations. Now, stop whining about people that disagree with your views, and move on “making America Great Again”
Dick Thompson That sounds like the Donald…
Dick Thompson Ernie Tubbs yep Trump supporter.
Ernie Tubbs Dick Thompson Who DID you support loser. Funny, they didn’t win.
Greg Cole The Tubb is back off his meds once more. Don’t Feed The Troll.
Dave Mundt Ernie Tubbs Glad to see you have not passed out in an alcoholic haze yet. So…how about replying to the winning comment?
Sadly enough Mr. Tubbs,  who apparently took TWO high schools to get graduated,  and lives in Texas,  shows exactly why the donald is in office.   It is pretty amusing,  and kind of sad that a person obviously old enough to know better,   has such a limited view of reality that he swallows the lies of the Right without choking,  and, apparently even believes that they CARE about him…
God Help Us All
Bee Man Dave

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