Bees….Nature’s Artists!

Greetings and Salutations;
Bees are interesting creatures.   They sometimes do amazing things,  all driven by nothing but instance.   We, who are their Guardians,   are, at times,  amazed by what they do.   For example…I am sure y’all have seen the classic pictures of frames of bees and honey from a Langstroth hive.   It looks amusingly neat,  with row after row of comb,  filled with honey, pollen and brood   lined up on the supporting frames.   Even a wild swarm will,  when it takes residence in a safe cave,  will build comb hanging down from the ceiling in more or less parallel sheets.   However,  this is not always the case.   Sometimes,  if a hive is poorly maintained,   or the cave is too irregular for those neat walls of comb,  then,  the bees will create what is called “Wild Comb”.   They will build a twisting sheet of comb  where ever they can,  in order to make the cells necessary for storage and reproduction.   Sometimes,  these efforts create lovely, almost sculpted, sheets of comb.   Recently,  I ran across a picture of one of these examples of wild comb on the Net,  and thought I would pass it along  here in the blog.
This is worthy,  I think,  of being mounted on a stand,  and admired as an art piece  just as the work of Matisse,  or some other sculptors….
In these days of Darkness…it is a good thing to find even a small example of beauty and glowing life.
God Help Us All.
Bee Man Dave

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