Another Day, Another Massacre

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One of the disconcrting issues of the day is the fact that America is becoming a more deadly place.   We apparently have a huge crop of domestic terrorists,  who have been emboldened by the current administration.   Now,  they are coming out from under their rocks,  and perpetuating acts of violence upon innocent civilians.   Today, Sunday, 2017/11/05,  one of these slime walked up to a small church in a small town in Texas.  He was carrying an AR-15.   He walked into the church, and started shooting.   As of this point in time,  the dead and injured numbers are still changing…but it looks as if upwards of 12 people were killed,  and many more than that injured.
 (Update – 2017/11/06 Death toll now at 27,  injured at about 30.)
Of course,  the Social Media today is filled with emotional responses,  essentially calling for all guns to be collected and destroyed.   This reaction is normal,  and expected…after all,  the SAME things have been said after every OTHER shooting in America.   However,   it is not rational,  or possible,  to do this.   Not only is the right of the citizens to bear arms  in the Constitution (that annoying Second Amendment),  but,  for every one madman/terrorist who perpetuates an act like this,  there are hundreds of thousands of good Citizens  who own guns,  and,  who do NOT go off the deep end and engage in this madness.   There are, I believe,  better ways to handle this problem…solutions that will WORK, and not turn millions of citizens into Felons over night.  Any such program would either fail (I know that,  were I to have guns in the house,  I would not turn them over to the authorities willingly)  or,  require such a crackdown by the police  that a Totalitarian state would look like a Picnic in the Park with George!   In the latter case, the concept of the Constitutional protections would be flushed and likely would be gone for good.
The NRA,  which has turned into a rather frightening,  fanatical society (which has caused a HUGE exodus away from membership by rational gun owners in the past couple of decades)  needs to get its act together.   It needs to return to what it was 40 years ago…a group of concerned citizens who are focused on education about gun safety,  and rational use.   Today,  though,  not only has it become a group of raving fanatics,  but,  it is nothing more that a whore for the Gun Manufacturers…pushing THEIR interests above those of the citizenry.

Elsewhere,  I discuss some changes in gun laws that I think would make a huge difference in helping keep guns out of the wrong hands and would cut down on the accidental shootings that plague us.

However, if we want to stop the violence, we need to focus on doing that, not the tools used. America is going through a terrible period where it seems that much of society is programmed to believe that the way to deal with ANY issue is to first, pull out a gun and shoot something or someone. This is insane. Change that, and the problems with gun violence will drop.   How do we change this?  Well,  first off, it will take adults to change their minds  and decide to follow another path.   Then,  those adults that become parents MUST teach their children the values of respecting life, as well as working to de-escalate a situation instead of turning to violence  Given a couple of generations of this teaching,   I suspect America would be a rather better place, and the incidence of gun-related crimes would drop quite a bit.

As for accidental shootings…there is not a one that has happened that is not a result of either ignorance about proper handling and storage of a weapon, or an emotional reaction that eliminates rational thought. I am all for teaching kids about guns as soon as they can grasp the subject. When very young…teach them to not touch it, and find an adult to tell THEM about it. In later years, pound into them the number one rule of gun safety – that is that every gun should be treated as if it is loaded and ready to fire. So…do not point it at anything you want to avoid having a hole in. They are tools not toys..

Finally, as to the scum shooter in Texas – he left a trail a mile wide and packed with red flags indicating that he was likely to do something like this.  Even in these early hours of the investigation into the incident,   it is clear to me that he had several problems that could lead to this violence.  EVERYONE should be aware of what those red flags are, and if they see them in a friend, family member or acquaintance, be SURE to report this to the proper authorities.

(Update – 2017/11/06 –  The shooter had received a less than honorable discharge from the Air Force after serving a 2 year sentence for Domestic Abuse;  He apparently had anger management issues)



God Help Us All.
Bee Man Dave

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