Sifting Through The Ashes, Part 21 – Complaining about America

This meme appeared on my Facebook timeline today, and as it raises some good points, I thought I would add it to the collection of essays I am building here.

My disagreement with this meme is rooted in the fact that it offers simplistic solutions to complex problems, as well as being fairly sketchy in some of its claims.
Life is complicated, alas, so let me spend a minute or two addressing specific points in the meme.

  • America, nor its government, raised the cost of living. This is a combination of companies making as much money as they can for their investors or owners, combined with the successful attacks on unions by industry. Wages have stayed the same for decades now, while inflation has continued to increase the cost of everything.
  • The fact that parents are spending less time with their children speaks more to the deterioration of parenting skills; the unwillingness for parents to be “The Bad Guy”; and, parents allowing their kids to engage in recreational activities, instead of helping their parents with chores at home.
  • Parents were never told “You cannot discipline your children”. However society has come to realize that beating one’s children is not a productive way of teaching them the difference between right and wrong, or in a positive way to live. So, yes, laws have been passed to cut down on abuse.
  • No one has taken God out of the schools. Public schools have NEVER been allowed to engage in religious instruction as a part of their daily lessons. The Constitution, in the First Amendment addresses this specifically, saying that there is an unbreakable separation between Church and State. Let us consider for a moment, what would happen if we, as a society, were to ignore this restriction. The first question that comes up is “Which religion gets taught?” Islam? Judaism? Roman Catholicism? Greek Orthodox? Lutheranism? Presbyterianism? Primitive Baptist? Evangelical Fundamentalism? Wiccan? The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? I could go on, but, I think this makes my point. We are a very diverse society, so, it is impossible to say “THIS” religion is God’s Chosen Religion and should be taught.
    The fact is that today, in public schools, it is legal and supported to hold religious classes, prayer circles, etc. HOWEVER these must be completely done by the staff members can have anything to do with them. Also, as long as there are tests in classes, God will be in Schools! There is no more fervent prayer than that of a student who is not prepared for an important test!
    In my view of reality, it is the responsibility of parents to instill religious values in their children; to go to church with them; to talk with them about some of the less comfortable parts of the Bible and their denomination. it is the parent’s job to demonstrate, by their actions and their words, WHY their religious views are a positive addition to their lives, and are worth instilling in their kids. However, alas, too many parents fail to do this. Either because of the factors I have mentioned above, or, some deep-seated fears that their beliefs are false, or invalid, parents seem to be reluctant to nurture the spiritual growth of their kids

The meme does make a valid point that our Society is on a very self-destructive path, and it is up to us to drag it back to a more positive way. However, it is difficult for this to happen, considering the divisiveness in today’s world, the mindless hate and contempt held for anyone who disagrees with their point of view, and, the misogyny and racism that has burst forth again. We can change this, but, it will be a long, difficult road, and one that will require us to make difficult decisions and take strong stances. The meme speaks of the kids of today in very negative terms. I suggest that we are far past the kids…and the description given applies to far too many adults today.

God Help Us All

Bee Man Dave

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