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I just had an interaction on Facebook that provided ME with a bit of amusement, and, once again, demonstrated the sad state of education that too many conservatives have slipped into. The general discussion was about the issue of Covid-19, alas, as that is the firestorm of the day. Below, I quote the conversation that happened, including the Original Post that triggered it.

Facebook, 2020/03/14

EO: The thing is that this virus has been around for years look on a lysol wipe container, lysol cans and one of the viruses listed is Corona virus. The flu kills more people every year then this has and will it is an election year they making it a thing like the previous president election years. Yes it is scary and it sucks to see people dieing but people that are already have under lieing health issues which in the end does them in unfortunately. Hope this moves on and clears up before it bankrupts the economy and causes people to loose everything.

KDH: EO: you are very incorrect just do your own research and make your own decisions for your household. I hope no one you know, dies from this. I am concerned about a few of my close friends and my children

JM: EO: corona virus is a family of viruses. There are many strains. This corona virus is new. That’s why they call it “novel” corona virus 19. Or COVID19. The 19 is the year it was first discovered.

CV: EO: there is a vaccine we have been giving to cows for years. It mutated from animals. Now this is a different strain..

TS: EO: you are exactly correct!!!
Precautions weren’t taken like this when H1N1 was spreading in 2010 which was a much deadlier Virus that was deadly to people even with strong immune systems.
This virus is not even close and the rumors are pathetic and showing peoples true ignorance!!!

DCM: TS: Cling to that thought for comfort as you are listening to your lungs gurgle as they fill with bodily fluids when you get a bad case of Covid-19

TS: DCM: you Ignorant idiot , and you are I deal with MD’s on a daily, and now hourly basis- I will gladly but my knowledge that I actually get from medical professionals in the know against your dumbass anytime.
You’re the Epitome of what’s wrong with this country. Pure FN STUPIDITY!!!
Prove me wrong

DCM: TS: Sigh…better people than you have tried to insult me, and, alas, done a far more effective job. Instead of retreating to childish insults, demonstrate with evidence where my statements are ignorant, or “dumb-ass”

TS: DCM: you shouldn’t make Ignorant Statements –

DCM: TS: Remove the beam from thine own eye, before removing the mote from thy brother’s eye.

TS: DCM: lmao- you said when my lungs fill up with fluid- I guarantee my health is superior to yours, along with my intelligence.
Your lungs will fill with fluid long before mine ever will.
You sound just like a chicken shit leftist troll hiding behind a cartoon profile and posting from your moms basement!!!

DCM: TS: Bless your heart! Still got nothing, I see. Well, nice chatting with you. I needed some humor in my day.

TS: is a very Conservative, Right-Winger, and, it took only a couple of pokes with a sharp stick to bring that out. It did brighten my day a bit, I have to admit, although I also find some sadness in this sort of interaction. There are too many people right now who have the attitude of TS: and EO: They are downplaying the dangers of the Covid-19 virus, either through ignorance, or, because it is so fearful to them that they cannot face it, or, as has come up on other threads, the whole pandemic thing is nothing more than a Liberal Plot to overthrow “God’s Representative” now in the Oval Office. The Cult of Personality is very strong here.

Before I leave this, though, If anyone wants to give me feedback on my comments, that would be great. I admit I do not know the issues of the Covid-19 virus intimately, as I do not work with it, so, if I am wrong here…PLEASE set me straight!

God Help Us All

Bee Man Dave

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