Is Democracy Broken?

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The title of this essay is a short version of a question asked in a philosophy group today. I thought about it for a few minutes, and after replying to it in the thread, decided to add a blog essay…

The question in the title turns out to not be a simple question. It was asked in the context of America’s society and form of government, so, I ended up discussing it from that viewpoint…. Technically, America has never been a democratic nation. We are a democratic Republic, where the citizens are given the final responsibility for Government.

I do not quite know what “Is democracy broken” means, but, will take a stab at examining the question.
In the context of America…Democracy itself is not broken. However, right now, our Democracy is in a struggle against a burst of tyranny that has gotten into office. We are, alas, reaping the whirlwind from seeds we have been planting and nurturing for 40 years. This conflict is so basic and has gotten so extreme, I believe the future of the Nation is at stake. IF the citizens rise up and Vote in November, to remove the scourge of the Republican wannabe-dictatorship from the government, America has a chance of returning to a far more positive path. If people allow fear, stupidity or apathy to allow the current administration to be reinstated, i fear for the country and its future. In the past, short, three years, the current administration has completed the task of taking America from a respected, world power, to a joke that is the laughingstock of the world. It has mistreated and offended long-time Allies, causing them to withdraw from connection to us. It has withdrawn from vital treaties and programs addressing the very clear and present danger of climate change. It has created trade wars and inflicted tariffs on friend and foe alike, with the delusional belief that this is not costing America anything, and is actually costing THEM huge amounts of money. It has treated the entire world as an enemy, and as a result, caused Allies to walk away, and find their own way in the world, instead of looking to America for protection and leadership. They realize that there is no trustworthy leader of the country right now. To increase the feeling of instability, it has sucked up to some of the worst of the worst dictators and tyrants in the world…panting for their attention like a puppy who is lonely. It has, with no hint of regret, implemented some of the worst examples of human rights violations we have ever seen in this country…just like those tyrants I mentioned earlier.

It is a perilous time for the country, with many opportunities for complete, self destruction. However, IF, all Americans who still believe in the validity of the Constitution, and support the Rule of Law, over the whims of Mankind, will step up, persist and resist the evil that in engulfing us, I believe there is a good chance that the threat to the country’s long term survival can be fought down and defeated.

The covid-19 crisis is providing us with a real opportunity to implement positive change. The suspension of much of the commercial and private activity in the country, has provided us all the time to sit back, and really look at the path we, as a Nation, are on. We can decide if we like and are comfortable with this path…or if we have doubts that we cannot quiet about where we are headed. Sometime, between now, and November 3d, the reality of life will kick back in. We will be able to go to restaurants for a sit-down meal; we will be able to go to sports events; we will be able to go back to work and earn our way again. We will, then, have the chance to take action on our thoughts during the suspension.

I HOPE that most Americans have been forced to look at the dark and self destructive path that America is on. They will realize that many of us have been railing against this path for years, and, they will join together with all of us to say “No More!” I would like to see the number of Republicans “representing” us change to a tiny minority party. All the surveys taken over the past decades have shown that the more Liberal/Progressives in America outnumber the RIght-Wing, reactionaries who have held power for too long. It is, I believe, about time that our “Representatives” start to reflect the real state of the country…with its diverse demographics, rather than being the bastion of old, rich, white guys we have let it become.

History shows us that plagues like this can be the trigger for great change in our society. I hope this trend repeats itself, and Motivates Americans to get America back on a more positive path…to return to becoming that shining city on the hill that was the idyllic vision of many in our history.

Right now…to help this happen, the only path is to vote Blue on November 3d. Do not be dissuaded from this. Do not believe the lies that say your vote does not count. IF you have problems voting, reach out to friends for help. They will be glad to help anyone negotiate the issues of updating registration information, or getting transported to the polls. This year, though may be another sea change in voting. Because of the covid-19 crisis, there is a growing demand for mail-in balloting. If this is a question in your state…take a minute to communicate with your federal and state officials to let them know that you support this option. If your state offers mail-in voting…be SURE and send the ballot back in…

All that Evil needs to succeed is for people of good will to do nothing. DO SOMETHING!

God Help Us All

Stay Safe…and in homes until the scientists and medical folks say it is ok…not the politicians.

Bee Man Dave.

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