Sifting through the Ashes, Part 32 – Good Vs. Evil

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Greetings and Salutations;

We are reaching the end of a very long and chaotic time. The numbers are in, and without some shenanigans, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the President and Vice-President Elect. I will probably discuss the election a bit more else where, but right now, I want to address an issue that has been a point of contention from family out to the entire country.

I have seen a lot of people (mostly Republicans) claiming that the vote went against #3 because the Democrats hate the Republican platform. They are saying it is all politics.

I beg to differ.
This election was unique in the history of the country in that politics had very little to do with the results. Rather, it was a fairly clear choice between good and evil.

This administration has, from day one, engaged in what I call Evil acts. Granted, they were clothed in lies to look more attractive, but they were Evil. Let me touch on a few of the most egregious of them.

  1. Starting off with the announcement on the Golden Escalator, #3 characterized ALL Refugees coming in on the southern border as rapists, murders and felons. He damned them with faint praise by saying “and a few of them are, I am sure, good people”.
  2. The administration implemented a massive program to remove children, some as young as 6 months old, from their parents when they entered the country as refugees. These children were locked up in concentration camps, with no serious supervision or care…given a mylar blanket to keep them warm. In the mean time, in many cases, their parents were deported to Mexico, without their children. In the several years since this program has been implemented more children have died in governmental custody than in the eight years of the Obama administration. In addition, there are many reports of sexual abuse. To top it off, today, we have over 500 kids who cannot be returned to their parents because the administration was so incompetent they had no plan for keeping data on where those parents are at.
  3. I never thought that in my life time I would see Nazis parading through the streets, chanting antiSemitic slogans. Along with this, the president said “there were good people on both sides” at the event where this happened. No matter how one slices it, there are NO good people who are Nazis.
  4. We are struggling with a Pandemic, which has killed almost a quarter of a million citizens so far, and infected 10 million of us. #3 knew about this back before March, and chose to downplay and lie about how serious the situation was, for no good reason other than to make himself look good.
  5. As Covid-19 has swept across the countryside, not just killing citizens but leaving many of them with long-term damage to their organs that will affect them for the rest of their lives, #3 did NOTHING to support the states, or use the massive purchasing powers and laws of the Federal government to ensure that sufficient supplies were available to the medical profession and citizens to cut back on infections and help the helpers stay alive. Rather he put it off on the states, and then started bidding against them in the marketplace for ventilators and other supplies.
  6. The Pandemic has had a huge economic impact on the country, resulting in more people out of work since the Great Depression in 1929. He, and the Republicans, have worked as diligently as they could to block stimulus bills to help many of these citizens keep their home, put food on the table, and generally survive. Other countries have provided a monthly stipend to all citizens of a couple thousand dollars. WE, supposedly the richest nation in the world, have had ONE check for $1200.00. In addition, when this one stimulus payment was sent out, a huge percent of it went to large companies that needed it the least – but were big donors to the Republican party. Why? The #3 and the Republicans removed the independent Inspector General who was supposed to distribute the funds to the citizens and small businesses that needed it the most. Because of this, about 40% of the small businesses that have closed will not re-open, thanks to these actions, and America will be poorer for it.
  7. Throughout #3’s administration, the rhetoric against diversity has been a constant drone. His comments supporting White Supremacy, and hate for people of color and the lgbtq community have resulted in a huge increase in hate crimes in the past four years. He has put a Supreme Court Justice in place that has a view of reality more suited to the 1950s, and is quite likely to reverse the advances that the LGBTQ community and women have made in the past 70 years.

I could go on, as the list is almost endless, but, shall halt here.
On the other hand, we have have the President Elect, Joe Biden, and the Democratic Party. They are not angels, by any means, but rather fallible humans. However, look at what the platform they support includes.

  1. It supports diversity, and accepting the broad range of people who inhabit the United States
  2. Over the years, the Democrats have pushed for EQUAL rights for all. Right now, America is a White Nation, with embedded White Privilege. We, who are white are not stopped several times a week because we “do not belong there”, or are driving a car that is too nice. We are almost never killed in traffic stops when we are not presenting a threat. We do not look upon cops as a scary predator that is likely to be a danger. We do not have to have a talk with our kids about exactly what they HAVE to do in order to minimize the probability of being killed. NONE of us have had a cross burned in our yard, nor, have we been told that we had best be out of town by sundown. The Democrats fight against this daily, and call out such hate when it sticks its ugly head up.
  3. The Democrats work to ensure that ALL citizens have the best life they can, including affordable health care, freedom from food insecurity, and adequate housing.
  4. The Democrats fight to make sure that every American job pays a living wage. Right now, a person making the minimum wage, working 40 hours a week cannot afford housing ANYWHERE in the country.
  5. A serious issue in the country is the wealth gap. It used to run around 7000%. Now, though, it is closer to 40,000%. Why? Because the rich have benefited from massive tax cuts, and, exemptions that have allowed them to keep billions of dollars in their pockets, to the detriment of the country and its citizens. The Bible says “To them that much has been given; Of them much will be required”. So far, the rich in America have benefited as in the first part, but avoided the second. The Democrats want to make the tax burden in America be more fairly distributed, so the rich carry the major burden and ease the burden on the poor and middle classes.
  6. Over the past decade, we have seen an increase in murder with guns. The Democrats stand for, and urge, that America take a long, hard look at its gun control laws, and find ways to improve them, to cut down on the number of weapons available to the people who are likely to be killers. They are not calling for confiscation, or anything close to it. Simply a reworking to make the laws more workable.

Can anyone truly say that the examples I have given are wrong? or that they are invalid? I would say “no”. America is a very complicated place…one of the few countries where it IS possible for a person with difficult upbringing can achieve the highest offices in the land. This reality is confusing for many countries, where the system tends to ensure that if your grandfather and daddy were sheep herders, YOU will be a sheep herder too, as will your children. It is one of the great strengths of America that this is true. For that to happen, though, there have got to be programs in place to encourage and support that path. I say that any group that stands against this, and clings to the other beliefs I have laid out as regards the Republican Party, is, simply, clinging to Evil.

I chose to vote for hope; for programs that help all citizens, not just the few.

Here I stand, I can do no other.

God Help Us All

Bee Man Dave

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