Sifting Through The Ashes, Part 40 – Another Cultist speaks up.

Greetings and Salutations….

Of course, the Biden administration has been under constant attack by the Right-Wing since Jan 20. Alas, unlike the previous administration, IT does not deserve all the crap that is being thrown at it. More on that later.

However, I was just engaged in an interesting dialogue that demonstrates, again, the cultist nature of the Republicants these days, and their willingness to believe lies over truth. I quote it below, with annotations.

JW-L: you are entitled to your opinion. I happen to believe the current President is hurting my family and destroying our country. Guess we just have to disagree

JCA: just curious. In what way, in four months, has the current president hurt you and your family?

Dave Mundt:
I am betting you will not get an answer from Ms. ALba. I NEVER do when I ask them direct questions about their claims.

Dave Mundt:
I’m sure she has no answer. And destroying our country? Had she seen footage from January 6th?

KW: did you see the footage from last summer?? Really? The open border concept- how is that going for you? Do you like the price of gas, groceries. How about foreign policy going down the toilet. Iran nuclear plan for one. Reengagement with the WHO which is dominated by China Sided with teachers unions over needs of families and especially women shall I go on?

Dave Mundt:
JCA: Well, an actual reply…one that is filled with questionable views, but a response. Let me take a shot at them.

  1. Are you talking about the BLM Protests? I assume so. This fails as an example for two major reasons.
  2. a) Were any of your family injured in the protests?
  3. b) They were, in general very peaceful. The reports from the cops showed that a vast majority of the violence and destruction was caused by Right-Wing infilltrators, who had nothing to do with BLM.
  4. And…as a bonus…the BLM Protests were against cops killing unarmed people of color. They were not an attempted coup and overthrow of the Constitution and government.
  5. The “Open Border” concept you talk about is nothing but a Republicant Lie, boiled up how of whole cloth, in a vain attempt to smear the current administration. From Day ONE, Pres. Biden has said “Do not come”. Did you miss VP Harris, speaking in Guatemala, and saying “Do Not Come”. There has been no movement towards open borders, no personnel cuts in Border patrol or ICE, no removal of barriers.
  6. The price of fuel recently has been affected by the terrible freeze in Texas that shut down refineries and pumping platforms. The hack of the Colonial Pipeline also had a huge effect on fuel availability, and price. Of course the cost of fuel ALWAYS leaps up around national holidays, as the Oil industry pumps up its profits.
  7. As for Grocery costs. In case you have not noticed, the previous administration slapped tariffs on many food imports. Add to that the reality of the pandemic that is burning through the world, causing farm workers to not be able to pick crops, and the supply drops. Under capitalism what happens when supplies get low and demand is high? Prices go up.
  8. Your comments about foreign policy simply demonstrate your lack of knowledge and your following the Right-Wing lies. Since Pres. Biden has taken office, America’s respect in the world has risen by leaps and bounds.
  9. As for the Iran Nuke agreement. #45 pulling out of that agreement simply meant that Iran would have nuclear weapons in 5 years, instead of 15. This is documented on line in reliable sources.
  10. Your comment about WHO is simply sad. It is not dominated by China, and it has done huge amounts of good in the world.
  11. Your comment about teachers unions is sketchy. Pres. Biden’s goal was to get schools reopened in his first 100 days. As a matter of fact he got blowback against that from the unions. the goal has since been modified. As was the original idea, schools should reopen at a pace that keeps both students and staff safe. This will be much easier since the Covid vaccines have been approved for use in younger kids.

However, the bottom line is that with your rant, you STILL did not answer Ms. Wright’s question – how have you or your family been DIRECTLY harmed by this administration. I will give you half a point for the increased costs being painful and a challenge, but, the rest of your comment loses you about 1000 points. Also, What do you believe President Biden has done to raise prices? Do you believe he controls private industry?

This, to me, is proof positive that the right wing conspiracy channels on Cable are propaganda outlets, spreading lies to support an agenda. It is a major reason I support adding the Fairness Doctrine to the LAW, making it far stronger than an FCC Regulation. It also speaks loudly about the state of mind of the Right-Wingers out there and the attitudes they have taken on over the past decade or so. This level of delusion and hate started when President Obama was elected, and has simply gotten more extreme over the years.

Now, How would I “fix” this? If I had the power, I would require all Americans to re-take some civics classes, since the ones they had did not stick with too many of them. I would require that people who express views based on lies as being the truth be required, at the bare minimum to pass a course in skeptical thinking, and at worst, be required to be deprogrammed and THEN sent to Skeptical Thinking class. In a more realistic vein though, I simply work to get as many liberals and Democrats to vote Blue as possible. If we can take solid control of the government, legislation can be run through that will deal with a bunch of these issues.

God Help Us All

Be Safe, social distance, wear your mask, get the vaccination shots.

Bee Man Dave.


The person skating on thin ice here, JCA, simply would not let go of her delusions. She just added the following comments (which include my reply) to the thread.

Dave Mundt: peaceful!? You are really out there if you believe that!

always goes back to Trump. You are never going to see the truth. Have a good day. I can’t deal with this and you

Dave Mundt: have a good and blissful day. As they say ignorance is bliss

Dave Mundt:
Bless your heart.. Let me explain something to you. The news is based on spectacle, to a huge extent. SO…the cameras go to where the excitment is, and bypass the hundreds of thousands of people who are marching in protest, peacefully. Now media outlets with a strong agenda, such as Fox Not-The-News, OANN and NewsMax will spin the images to make their viewers believe the violence is all over the place. in reality it is often a tiny area within a much broader protest.
I see you did not notice or are ignoring the links that I have provided in my reply to back up my opinions. Hard t argue with evidence, I know.
Bottom line is that your casual dismissal of us, and your claims that “Ignorance is bliss” simply demonstrate the lack of substance your comments have, and are more projections of your own issues on us

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