Sifting Through The Ashes, Part 41: Protests at the Olympics

Greetings and Salutations;
In spite of the continuing pandemic, and Japan’s poor vaccination numbers, the International Olympic Committee has decided to go ahead and allow the Games to go on. They are, I know, impatient, because they were supposed to happen in 2020…but the world was in lock down then.
As often happens, there is a lengthy discussion going on in Facebook about the athletes that will be competing in the Games, focusing on the question of what should happen to them if they dare protest at any point in the games. Of course, the original post, as follows, was placed by a Politician, And, of course a Republicant, so opinions tended to be heavily against any speaking out. The Republicants do not deal well with anyone who does not toe their line, of course.
I did post a couple of comments, of course, but this is one interaction that I thought I would quote. It sort of sums up, for me, the difference between the two parties.

Here is the Original Post from the thread.

I am offended that anyone would fail to respect our country’s flag and National Anthem! Everyone has the right to protest, but not on my dime! I will not support any company that advertises during this time!

Dave Mundt: LCH: It would be better to ask yourself “Why are they protesting?”. The moments where Olympians take a stance are few and far between, and, it is not a casual moment for them. It is ALWAYS only after a lot of soul-searching and questioning.
I disagree that a protest is disrespect for country or flag. What it is depends on what one focuses on. I focus on the reality that they are responding to a failure of the society to live up to its promises.
Do you think that their actions are a shock to other countries, and cause those countries to have a lesser opinion of America? If so, you are ignoring reality. The other countries of the world see the flaws in America very clearly…and do not change their opinions because of a person’s protest. What WILL change their minds is America facing its issues, and removing the power they have over us…if we work diligently to become the “shining city on the hill” that is our ideal.

If interested, here is a link to the entire diatribe.

As I touched on before, I support the actions of the Olympians. They are using a huge, bully pulpit to focus society on a major failing that should be addressed. Every time, it has been a failure of society that has been ignored or swept under the rug for decades, and as such is an internal rot that is destroying society.

Be Safe…get vaccinated, wear your mask, social distance…

God Help Us All

Bee Man Dave.

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