The insanity over Covid continues.

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I happened to run across a Cultist that spewed nonsense about Covid…The fact that this is happening a year and a half or more into the serious pandemic from Covid boggles the mind. So, while this person is either a flake or a Conspiracy Loony (but I repeat myself), I took a few minutes to address her foolishness. I thought I would post the comment any my reply here for historical interest.

Teresa McClelland Jeffries I know several who has died after getting the shot, got major heart problems, one had to be air lifted to a major hospital, one lady can’t walk anymore. Vaccinated are spreading the virus as bad if not worse than anyone. You take a dangerous shot but still have to social distance and wear masks. Why take the dangerous shot that is untested, untried and unapproved and causes major adverse side effects. Where are all these that have died of covid??? Wouldn’t the funeral homes be overrun with dead bodies? Wouldn’t the cemeteries be full to overflowing??? The numbers and facts just done line up. The lying media and demoncrats have brainwashed you.

Dave Mundt Teresa McClelland Jeffries Ok…I think you are beyond help, but, I will take a shot.

1) As for your claims of death and injury…you need to provide citations from reliable sources proving your claim. Otherwise it has no validity.…/fact-check-3150-people-were…

It is true that some younger folks getting the vaccine have experienced issues with an enlarged heart. HOWEVER…this was easily treated and in a short time, went away.

2) While it is POSSIBLE for the vaccinated to become infected and spread the virus…your comment lacks merit as it ignores many factors.

a) Vaccinated people are FAR less likely to become infected. Current reports are that an unvaccinated person is 17 times more likely to get an infection.

b) The duration of any infection will be very short, and, much less serious than with an unvaccinated person. For example, 90% to 100% of the people in hospital ICUs, requiring much care, ventilators, and ended up dead are the unvaccinated.

c) While the Delta virus does produce the same amount of viral DNA in both vaccinated and unvaccinated people’s noses, a recent study found that about 40% of the virus was already dead in vaccinated people..

All these factors mean that it is many times more likely that an infected, unvaccinated host will spread the virus to many more hosts than the vaccinated host.

3) You opinion about the vaccines being untested and unapproved is simply wrong. Initially, before the FDA issued the emergency use license, there had been studies with upwards of 30,000 people done. Since then, close to a billion people have been vaccinated, with positive results, and almost no problems.Also, a week or two ago, the FDA gave the Pfizer vaccine complete approval for use. The only reason it was delayed by several months was the typical bureaucratic sloth. The other vaccines are on the verge of being authorized for general use by America, and in some cases have ALREADY been authorized by other countries.

4) Nothing is perfectly safe. However, the issues that arise from a vaccine shot are well understood now, and easily treated. If you think the vaccine is dangerous, you expose a severe lack of understanding about the vaccine, AND the reality of Covid.

5) Where are all those who have died of Covid? Well all over the place, if you must know. Many hospitals had five or more freezer trailers that they were using to store the dead in until the mortuaries were able to deal with them. The mortuaries were stacked up to the ceiling with the dead. As for where are they buried…again…all over the place. Burial grounds have a huge amount of unused space. In addition, many of the dead were cremated, and their ashes returned to their family, in small urns…so a bunch of them are sitting on the living room table or a shelf.

6) I realize you are a Cultist, and so will blow off this truth…but, when it happens to you…remember this post

To see this kind of ignorance and denial today is kind of horrifying. Alas, this is NOT all that uncommon on Facebook….

God Help Us All

Be safe. Get vaccinated; wear your mask; Social distance; Wash your hands.

Bee Man Dave

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