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From a famine to a feast, it seems. I ran across an interesting article about an Anglican reverend who has banned a Tai Chi class from meeting in the basement of his church because he feels that the exercise is teaching values from another religion. My immediate thought was that perhaps the good Rev. should join the class to find out for himself. My secondary thought was that perhaps he DID, and, found it too difficult to do, so is getting rid of it.

I did have the following thoughts about that so-called conflict between Christianity and Taoism, so, thought I would save them here:

“Perhaps it would also be worthwhile to look at the Taoist Tai Chi society website to see what they teach and what their expressed goals are:

Also, perhaps it would be worthwhile for Rev. Frais to spend a few minutes contemplating Taoism and its goals:

While Taoism is not Christianity, it could be argued that it is quite possible for a Taoist to be Christian without conflict. In Christianity, we strive (or should strive) to bring our lives into harmony with that of Christ’s, and to gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual aspect through study, mediation and prayer. Read the discussions in the above link, and, tell me how the Taoist’s goals conflict with this?”

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