A Zen moment if I ever saw one!

Greetings and Salutations;

     A video of a presentation to the Lincoln City council has shown up on line, and, it is so amazing that it boggles the mind…Take a look at this:
     As a matter of fact, at first I wondered if this was some sort of performance art – a satirical commentary on the mindless drivel produced by some of the more extreme members of non-liberal community.   However, alas, as I listened to the entire clip, I came to the uhappy conclusion that this nice, little, old grandmother is sincere in her diatribe, and, although I would like to ascribe her rant to early onset dementia,   I rather think it does express views of reality that she actively has decided are “right”.
     Mainly, though, what I heard was truly sad wail of fear.  I did not hear an attack on the LGBT community, so much, as I heard the voice of an elder who has lived a lot of life,  expressing a deep and bone-chilling fear.   Is she afraid of the LGBT community?   Probably not as individuals, and considering the relish with which she focused on the imaginary sex lives that she has of that community, perhaps not at all.   What I did hear was an expression of fear about the chaos of today’s society.   I heard her expressing fear about how her increasing age has caused physical infirmity to become her constant companion, and how that has caused the walls of her world to push in closer and closer.   I heard her fear over the threats to the house and home that she thought was going to be her refuge in her old age – threats that she has no control over because they are by faceless strangers.    I heard her fear of the idea of mortality, and having to face it as a reality.   I am sure she has been going to more and more funerals of the people she grew up with, and is fearing the loss of that support network which they  provided for each other.
     Is it appropriate that she stand up in public and say such vile and false things about a group of people as she did?   No, of course not.    Should she be prevented from doing so?   No, of course not.   The First Amendment is not there to protect speech we agree with, but rhater speech that we find offensive.
     For what it is worth, Apparently she has been around for a bit, and has taken on a bit of a cult status in the Lincoln area.  As a matter of fact she has a fan page on Facebook  so we can keep track of her rants.
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