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     Once again, I am relieved to find that there are stranger people than me out there.   I ran across this link about Walter Potter, who lived around the 1850-1890 time frame.   He was interested in taxidermy,  and started doing it at the tender age of 15.   Today,  he would be looked upon with suspicion, I suspect, as this could be a sign of an incipient serial killer.  However, in Victorian times, there was much interest in the hobby, and, he ended up creating some of the most amazing dioramas out of small animals that one has ever seen.   For us, today, it is a bit weird, and one looks at it with fascination even though there is a strong feeling that one should not…. Here are a couple of examples of his work:  

Busy At School

A nice game of Croquet
     and, I would suggest you follow the link to read  more about  his work…it is pretty amazing:   Walter Potters taxidermy 
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