WHY is it that so many folks think education is crap in America?

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Today, I had a short interaction with a local woman on FaceBook. I have quoted it below. However, I wanted to say a couple of things up front. This woman has a high-school education, and, from her time line, is a #3 Cultist. She lives in the backwater community where she was born, and, glorifies the Confederate Flag on her timeline. The really sad thing is that she probably votes…

So…here is our conversation. I am pretty sure that it demonstrates the reality of the title of this essay.

Elijah Lawson: The COVID Death Count is Inflated
| Change My Mind | Louder with Crowder

Dave Mundt This {video} is nonsense. According to ALL medical folks the number of covid19 related deaths is actually very UNDER REPORTED! When I say under reported, I have seen reports that the actual number may well be 10x the number reported.

SH: Dave Mundt bullshit lmbo
SH: Dave Mundt and its not as bad as the flu

Dave Mundt SH: Bless your heart…talk to some folks that have survived it…or even better, get infected yourself. THEN come back here and tell me it is not as bad as the flu! Dave Mundt: SH: You say bullshit…Scientific American disagrees with you
How COVID-19 Deaths Are Counted

SH: Dave Mundt i still call bullshit its the common cold fool
SH: Dave Mundt there arnt any body if u die of a heart attack its still listed as crona
lysol killed the germs in the 70s

Dave Mundt SH:
1) The death certificate has several lines on it for causes of death. The primary cause is listed first…However, other conditions, such as a covid19 infection are listed as secondary causes. In the example you give, the heart attack might well be the cause of death…so it would be listed first. However, if the person has a bad case of covid-19 and there are no other issues, it is very likely that the infection had damaged the heart enough to cause the fatal heart attack.

It is a lie, spread by Right-Wingers and others with an agenda, that covid-19 is the only cause of death listed.

2) Yes, Lysol kills germs…it is toxic to living organisms. It also can break down the structure of some viruses. However, it is unproven it works against covid-19.
Can Lysol and Clorox products kill the novel coronavirus? The answer is … complicated

SH: Dave Mundt i never got oast the communists news network cnn i trust nothing they say FAKE NEWS

Dave Mundt SH: you can call bullshit all you want. However, your opinion vs the findings of science ends up with your opinion losing by a huge length.
Dave Mundt SH: Ok…I see your mind is closed…and you are unwilling to believe anything outside your narrow world. We are done.

SH: Dave Mundt not from cnn ROTFLMAO
SH: Dave Mundt i think for my self dont need ur lies from cnn lmbo really

God Help Us All!

Bee Man Dave

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