Sifting Through The Ashes, Part 30, The Postal Service

Greetings and Salutations…

The closer we get to November, the more insane the actions of the administration become. Over the past week or so, it has become obvious that #3 (or at least, one of his advisors) understands how allowing voting by mail is the worst possible action to allow. Because of this, the partisan hack that is in charge of the Postal Service has taken some seriously illegal actions to ensure that voting by mail will be a disaster. I suspect, too, that this is part of the long-time plan of the Republicans to destroy the Postal Service as a governmental agency, and privatize it, to turn it into a cash cow for the very rich. Well, today, I spent a few minutes writing a note to my two Senators. I have included it below, so will not bother to reiterate it here.

I know, though for a fact that my words will be noted by some intern in the offices, and then ignored. Lamar Alexander, who did do some good things for Tennessee when he was Governor is retiring this year, have sucked all the cash he could out of the office. So, if possible, he gives even less of a fuck than he has for most of his career as a Senator.

(Marsha, Marsha, Marsha) Blackburn is an embarrassment to Tennessee, or at least to those of us that are not part of the Cult Of Personality that #3 has created. She is sucked up to #3 tighter than a spandex swimsuit, and would no more do anything to help her Constituents than she would vote for ANYTHING proposed by a Democrat.

However, I still cling to the belief that “All Evil needs to succeed is for people of good will to do nothing”. So, I will continue to communicate my opinions to the Senators until either I am dead, or, a Republican who actually puts Country ahead of Party is elected. I have to say that I anticipate that the former will happen before the latter. Now…as for the missive I sent to the Senators…here it is:

“The actions taken by the current administration, to destroy the effective functioning of the Postal Service are a direct attack on the basic laws we live by. The Postal Service is mentioned in the Constitution as a vital part of government services. By removing funding for it, and, appointing a highly partisan supporter, who has blatant conflicts of interest with its mission, the administration is taking unlawful actions to destroy it.

Not only has funding been cut, larger numbers of the automated sorting machines have been taken out of service and removed from the buildings. This means that mail has to be sorted by hand, which takes far, far longer than using the specialized machines which have worked so well for decades. This is causing mail to pile up in Post Offices, undelivered.

Why is this bad, you may ask?
1) many Americans, including YOUR constituents, receive medications through the mail that are vital for their continued health. These changes are causing those medications to either not arrive, or arrive with great delays…causing serious health issues for many people.
2) The normal flow of bills and payments is interrupted. I am sure that this is going to cause many Americans to suffer economic damage because of the delay in getting bills, and the receiving of payments. This may be a shock, but many Americans do not use the Net or credit cards over the phone to pay bills. While these may be minor issues for the rich in America, most of us are counting pennies and sticking to a strict budge, because we have to in order to avoid disaster.
3) Perhaps worst of all…the timing of these actions appear to be a purely political ploy to ensure that voting by mail will be so difficult that many voters will be disenfranchised. This is not a normal year…the pandemic is a very real thing, and is sickening and killing Tennesseans by the dozens, and Americans in general by the hundreds of thousands and millions. By making voting by mail difficult or impossible, the administration is forcing many Americans to put themselves in harm’s way in order to perform their civic duty. On top of all this, the reasons given by the White House for this game-playing are based on lies… NO country or state that depends solely on voting by mail has found any significant malfeasance or fraud… The frightening reality of voting by mail is that it increases voter participation….and the current administration knows that the more people that vote, the larger the percentage he will lose by…and that is unacceptable.
4) One final point. The actions taken by the director of the Postal Service likely are illegal and would subject him, and the people controlling him to criminal penalties. You can look up the law dealing with obstruction of the Postal Service as well as anyone.

I STRONGLY urge you, if you have any desire to actually represent your constituents, to refuse to cut funding to the post office, and do what is necessary to force the damage done to it be repaired as quickly as possible.”

God Help Us All!

Stay Safe! (And Wear your mask!)

Bee Man Dave

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