Rescue Is Me…

Sometimes a painfully true and well written reality shows up on Facebook. Here is one I just found.

  • Rescue is so hard.
  • It’s never ending.
  • Rescue is constant poop and litter boxes.
  • Rescue is taking a picture of the poop to share with rescue friends when you are proud of a solid turd, or even surprised at what they pooped out.
  • Rescue is heart breaking… seeing what these animals have gone through.. The pain, the suffering, How unloved they were..
  • Rescue is having to look at a companion animal that has been abused, and making the painfully difficult decision of whether it is better for the animal to be given Peaceful Release, or, to find the resources to help it heal, and give it a chance.
  • Rescue Is knowing we can’t save them all and still losing sleep over it.
  • Rescue is getting so annoyed with people and their excuses as to why they “HAVE TO” get rid of their pet “they love so much.” Example, they shed too much, I just had a baby, I’m going to have a baby, I just don’t have time, needs more exercise.. and on and on.
  • Rescue is seeing an animal hit by a car, and without hesitation, scooping it up to see if it’s savable or if we need to help it cross.
  • Rescue is constantly trying to educate the public on responsible pet ownership and feeling like your talking to a wall.
  • Rescue is doing everything you can to protect the ones in your care and then you get parvo (in dogs), or FIV (In cats)..
  • Rescue is saving 10 dogs or cats from your local shelter to find out when you left 12 more which were owner surrenders.
  • Rescue is just trying to go to the store and pulling over to check a box or bag you see to make sure there aren’t any animals in there.
  • Rescue is sitting with a birthing mom for hours and hours comforting her, letting her know this will never happen again.
  • Rescue is mourning those you couldn’t save but tried so hard.
  • Rescue is trying to not get shit on you, but it always happens anyways.
  • Rescue costs so much… from vet bills, to gas to the vet, has to save the animal, the supplies while the animals are in your care, the electricity it takes to run the shelter, the water to continue to clean and wash items, and much more.
  • Rescue is always asking for donations because you run on donations but truly use so much of your personal money too.
  • Rescue is begging people to keep their animals restrained and inside, to only find the animal run over a few days later.
  • Rescue is finding a starving companion animal at one’s house, that has been dumped by the “humans” that had it…because it was sick; pregnant; they were bored with it; etc. and, taking it in to try and save it, to find it a good home where it will be loved and treated as it should be.
  • Rescue is feeling as if one is trying to empty the ocean with a teaspoon, as the flood of betrayed animals is so constant and large.
  • Rescue is one of the hardest things I have ever done.

(But then you have times like this…)

  • Rescue is a dog or cat, reaching for you, saying thank you.
  • Rescue is saving a litter of 10 and fixing the parents.
  • Rescue is knowing you are the new beginning that they so deserve.
  • Rescue is adopting an animal to a family and seeing them fall in love.
  • Rescue is saving an animal knowing they will never live that life again.
  • Rescue is repairing all the broken bones and watching the animal walk again.
  • Rescue is saving a feral dog or cat and getting that first tail wag or head bump on your hand.
  • Rescue is taking that owner surrender because the owner is dying and promising that you will find someone to love that animal almost as much as they did.
  • Rescue is teaching our children to be the change in responsible pet ownership.
  • Rescue is that first look from the animal when they know they are safe.
  • Rescue is when you say 5 but you meant 10.
  • Rescue is when you have a partner and they had no idea what they were getting into but they roll with the punches.

  • Rescue is all of this and more.
  • Rescue isn’t for everyone, but it Is for me.
  • It is me.

Rescue Is Me.

I keep telling people…Companion Animals are sentient beings, a living creature that should become a member of one’s family. They are not an end table, or chair that is simply discarded when one is tired of it.

Also, cats and dogs should not be allowed to roam freely. Dogs should have a fenced in yard, and be trained to respect the boundaries. Cats should be inside only, or given restricted access, with a catio. I wrote about why one’s companion animals should not be free roaming a while ago. HERE are my Words. Before anyone thinks “Well this will not happen to MY pet”…the reality is that free roaming cats have a life expectancy of three to five years…while an inside only cat can live for 12 to 18 years. Here is some information on the hazards they face outdoors. It appears that these numbers apply to dogs, also.

God Help Us All

Be safe…get vaccinated and boosted, practice social distancing, wear your mask…the life you save may well be your friend or family member.

Bee Man Dave

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