Guns In The House! Guns In The House! Part 02

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Victims from Uvalde, from CBC.CA

We are just a little time past the weekend of 2022/06/04-05, where America saw 13 mass shootings, killing 19 people and injuring 70. This, right on the heels of the shooting at Uvalde that killed 19 students and two teachers. Here is an article about that weekend, and here is a discussion of the latter event.

I have written, in the past about this issue, discussing the Red Flags that all such killers leave in their trail, and how they could be used to help keep this violence from happening. I have proposed some changes to gun laws that might address some of the shootings, both deliberate and accidental, that plague America.

A day or so ago, I was listening to NPR, and heard a somewhat chilling article on what has happened to the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco, and Explosives over the years. Actions by Congress, and, yes, MOSTLY by Republic*nts, has nearly destroyed the ability of the BATFE to enforce the gun laws on the books now. Here is the article I was listening to. I strongly urge everyone reading this to take time to listen to it… I must admit that I had no idea that the situation with the agency charged with enforcing the gun laws in America was so bad.

I suggest that if we truly want to address the issue of the misuse of guns in America, it is past time to provide BATFE with adequate funding to allow them to enforce the laws we have now. The other issues I mention in the above links, and, my contention that we have got to address the culture of violence we have nurtured for decades are vital, but will take decades to change the situation. The budget issues could be changed in a year or less. The actions taken to cut the BATFE down to a joke were taken by “representatives” who receive huge donations from the weapons industry…In other places, this would be called blatant bribes. As such, once again, I urge everyone reading this to contact your Representatives and President to urge them to remove the “Citizens United” laws from the books. These are nothing more that license for the industries to bribe politicians to get their way, and should have no part in American Government.

God Help Us All!

Be safe, get vaccinated, wear your mask, social distance, wash hands, and be cautious

Bee Man Dave

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