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It has been a bit since I had time to update this blog, but it is well past time to do it. In a discussion thread on Facebook, the question arose…what will we do if #45 is elected to the Presidency again? A few days ago, he announced he was going to run for the office again – something that was not a surprise to anyone with two brain cells to rub together! His legal situation is shaky, to say the least, and he has already posted a comment that he believes the investigations that will lead to his indictment are purely a political ploy to silence him. This is, of course a delusional lie, as the investigations have been going on since March or so of 2021, and are simply working their way up the pyramid towards the upper echelons of the Republic*nt party that were instrumental in planning and invoking the Insurrection of Jan 6, 2021.

I cannot say for sure that #45 would not end up occupying the Oval Office again. That, though is such a horrible outcome to the next couple of years, it should cause chills to run up one’s spine. However, I do have a strong feeling that his life as a politician and dictator-wannabe is fading. As such, in my answer in the FB thread, I had the following observations. Now I may have expanded on them a bit here, as it is a complicated subject. However, here we go:

  • 1) While his cult is still sucked up to him, there are many indicators that big chunks of the Republic*nt party are walking away from him. Without a majority of the Republic*nts supporting and voting for him, the cult is simply too small to take the office. There have been a number of leaders who have openly supported the governor of Florida, DeSantis, for example. While he is almost as bad as #45, he is certainly smart enough to realize he cannot play the dictator game and win at it. In addition, there are a fair number of Republic*nts who are more moderate, and not so deeply in the cult that they are not aware of the damage done to the country by #45’s actions. As such, I can see two or three possible paths. At best, #45 will fail to get the nomination, but run as an independent..splitting the Republic*nt vote and ensuring a massive loss. At worst, DeSantis will run, #45 will slink away, defeated, and the Cult will boycott the election…again causing a massive loss for the Right. It is also possible that for either candidate, a significant number of the moderates in the Party will simply refuse to vote.
  • 2) His actions over the 4 years of his administration, and the actions of HIS SCOTUS are likely to ensure that the independents and Democrats are more likely to come out for a Presidential election in large numbers. It happened in 2020 after all. The damage to the reputation of the country in the world, and the economic damage may even motivate some Republic*nts to hold their nose and vote for the Democratic option…although I do not expect that, and am not banking on it.
  • 3) Look at the results of the recent mid-term election cycle. The Republic*nts (and, much to their shame, much of the media) were fully convinced that the Democratic Party would lose many seats in Congress. The estimate by the Right Wing was 30-40 House seats and several Senate seats would flip Red. However, there is a fairly good chance that the Senate will not only remain blue, but thanks to a seat or two flipping, Manchin and Sinema’s fifth column actions will become less of a problem. In the House, the Republic*nts only have a small majority. This will make a LOT of the big plans to impeach Pres Biden and hold huge investigations much more of a challenge, both to do and to succeed at.
  • 4) The Midterms demonstrated that the younger folks of the current generation are MUCH more politically savvy and active than previous generations. We have the first fellow of that age group elected after all…and while the numbers of voters from the group was still way too small, it was rather larger than previous generations. In addition, these youth are very aware of the dangers to their society and the planet as a whole left to them by our generation and older. They are not happy about losing basic rights, and they realize that they are the ones who will suffer because of climate change. Many of the youth too young to vote this year will be of age in 2024, and I suspect they will be a strong voice. I am pretty sure that #45, and a lot of other rather ancient politicians will be the targets of their ire.

On a broader view, it is vital that we continue the process of making sure the Republic*nts are a minority party in the government. We have two more years to move this plan forwards, and we must use the time wisely. A few things we should focus on are:

  1. We must work to register as many like-minded people as possible.
  2. We must create some infrastructure to ensure that these folks can vote, either by transporting them to the polls, or pushing through legislation to enable and expand mail in voting.
  3. We must work as diligently to present the truth and the reality of how voting Democratic can help everyone as the Republic*nts work to spread lies and destroy confidence in the system.
  4. We must continue the process of flipping Red seats at ALL levels of government, from towns to the Federal Government.
  5. I think it would be a good thing to find and support Blue candidates even in solidly Red areas. Without a Blue alternative to vote for, then the solidly Red areas can smugly continue on, believing they have 100% support from all citizens. I know that the probability of winning is very, very low…but having a choice is also vital.
  6. We must spend a little time looking at the laws being passed, and giving our elected representatives feedback on how they are doing. Even if one is solidly Blue, in a sea of Red (as I am), contacting the Republic*nts holding power and getting our opposition to an action in the record is important…as mentioned in item #5.

I believe America dodged a bullet in the 2020 election, but, there are more election cycles on the way. Our democracy is still fragile and has many blatant enemies who would love to do nothing less that replace it with a fascist dictatorship…with THEM in the ruling class, of course. there are two aphorisms that are in the forefront of my mind at the moment…both said by very wise men:

“All that is required for Evil to win is for people of good will to do nothing” and “I have observed that Evil will win…unless Good is very, very careful”.

As Sen Warren did on the Floor of the Senate – “Resist! Persist!” lest our legacy be the destruction of the ideal our forefathers created!

God Help Us All.

Be safe, wash your hands well, get vaccinated and boosted, wear your mask!

Bee Man Dave

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