A hidden gem of a restaurant

     Greetings and Salutations;

     In a delightful break from the usual Friday, my wife, Lisa, and I went out to eat and visit a bit this evening.   We went to an interesting little restaurant called “RJ’s Courtyard”, located out near Alcoa, TN.    Here is a link to my yelp review of it:  and here is their website.  I will say that it is not a particularly attractive building, and, I am kind of puzzled as to how they can get THAT much roof on a building that size.  However, it is not the roof that is important, but as I mention in the yelp review, it is the food.    Their menu is not too complicated, but, includes steaks, chicken, salads, sandwiches of various sorts and burgers, along with a goodly number of appetizer and dessert options.   If, by chance, you are in the Alcoa, TN area, and are interested in a dinner destination with  very good food  and fairly inexpensive ($40 for two, for dinner, including two appetizers and a tip) prices, you would not go wrong by stopping by the Courtyard.
     Pleasant Dreams
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