Who the Hell is THAT?

     Greetings and Salutations;

     Some time ago, I was poking through Ebay on one of those random walks to see what nuttiness was posted there, when I ran across a delightful little statue of a cat perched on (and looking over the side of) a stack of books.   According to the listing it was done around the 1950s.  Well, at $80, it was attractive, but, past my pain point, so I did not grab it.   Over the next month though, I kept it on my “watch” list, and, checked on it several times.   No one bought it, and, when the vendor re-listed it at $60, I was no longer able to resist the tempation.   So, now it is decorating one of the little alcoves by the main entrance doors in the Octagon.    Tristan has taken to sitting in the next alcove down, as it gives him a good perspective on the room.   Well,  the title of this post comes from his reaction (which I was able to capture on camera) when he finally realized the cat statue was there:
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