Sifting Through The Ashes, Part 28, One More Cultist…

Greetings and Salutations;

The other day, I posted an update about the Covid-19 issues to the FB Page devoted to news and discussion local to the Hamlet I live in. For the area, the thread blew up with 50+ “likes” (of various types) and quite a few comments…some of which drifted away from the original topic.

I have posted an excerpt here, more as an example of why it is America is crashing and burning than anything else. I admit that I did throw some gasoline on the fire, with the following reply to another small thread…

…Simply because Republicans are dumber than a bag of old hair, does not mean that you, I, or anyone else has to be.

This comment apparently hit a nerve with another reader, who got her panties in a wad over it…causing us to have the following conversation:

AMO: Dave Mundt: why are republicans dumber than a bag of old hair?

Dave Mundt: AMO:
1) THe current administration – run by Republicans – willfully ignored the danger of the world-wide pandemic (Remember #3 saying that when hot weather showed up, it would disappear as if by magic?)
2) Instead of facing the issue and admitting it was bad, they have down-played it, and pretending everything was hunky-dory ( did you see Pence’s statement yesterday that there was nothing to worry about, as we have it under control)
3) The Federal Government not only ran away from taking a leadership role in ensuring that few Americans were impacted, they refused to work with the states, saying it was all THEIR responsibility. THEN when the states started reaching out for medical supplies, including ventilators, the Feds started bidding against them…driving the cost up by 10x or more.
4) When several states managed to get large shipments of masks and other protective equipment, the Feds swooped in, and grabbed them out of the hands of the states…without, by the by, reimbursing the states for the items.
5) The Feds have sent millions of dollars of PPE and ventilators to Russia, to help them with THEIR Covid-19 crisis. And…they are stupid enough to believe that no one would notice or care.
6) 99% or more of the people claiming covid-19 is just the flu; we don’t need to wear masks; closing businesses; or are going out and mingling with other people in close proximity, with out care, are Republican.

I could go on for some time, but these are the high points.
Bottom line is that they have not only ignored the danger and refused to do anything about it, condemning millions of Americans to a serious disease, with long-term effects on life, and killing hundreds of thousands of Americans. All this, and they expect the citizens to either be so stupid and willfully blind that they either will not find out about their mistakes, or will dismiss them, because they are obviously lies by Democrats, or because they have not been personally affected by the virus…yet.

AMO: Dave Mundt: I couldn’t even finish reading that mess. All I know to tell you is

  1. “by the by” is what sounds stupid as a bag Of old hair.
  2. I’d like to know where you got the information that the feds came in and took any medical supplies and from which state and proff that anything was sent to Russia or wherever
  3. each state wanted to set their own guidelines because all were not impacted at the same time the same way. I guess the democratic way would be to shut down the entire nation even if that area hadn’t been impacted yet?
  4. you’re the person that yells dont tread on me then yells the feds won’t help me. Hurricanes coming get out…I’m not leaving my home…why won’t they come help me?
  5. I’m a republic and I AM NOT “dumber than a bag of old hair”. Everyone doesn’t have to have the same opinion as you or the same beliefs to be intelligent. You can BLAME anyone and everyone who don’t agree with your political philosophy for covid and the weather and whatever #3 was that you referred to. Maybe you’ll get your hair sniffer, finger licking president that you want someday but that don’t make you smarter than a bag of farts but your attitude sure makes you smell like one. Don’t ever refer to me as dumb again.

AMO: Dave Mundt: Also I have not stopped wearing masks and I take protective measures against covid. It has nothing to do with being republican or Democrat

Dave Mundt: AMO: Ok…How about this…”All Republicans who deny the reality of the bad things happening in the world today, and refuse to take actions to protect their fellow citizens are dumber than a bag of old hair”

Dave Mundt: AMO: Good for you…keep being smart and wearing the mask. After all the life you save will be someone else’s. As for “#3″…that is my label for the occupier of the Oval Office. He is, after all, only the 3d president in the history of this country to be impeached.

As for taking supplies…
Governors saying FEMA is outbidding them for medical Supplies

Or if you prefer…
Fact-Check: Trump Administration Seizing medical supplies from States

This, by the by, is from the BBC
War For Medical Supplies

As for shipping covid-19 supplies to Russia.
US Ready To Send Medical Supplies to Russia

As for the states setting guidelines…that is true. HOWEVER, the Feds are supposed to support the states, no walk away from them…A given state, generally, does not have the financial power that the Federal Government has…which is ANOTHER reason why the cost of ventilators went from $5000 or so to $50,000 or more.

Oh yes…about your #4 point? I suggest you read a bit more extensively…the ONLY people who scream “Don’t Tread On Me” are Republicans and even more extreme Right-Wingers.

AMO: Dave Mundt: I understand how masks work. I am human. I am intelligent. I understand sarcasm. I also know that some people on this world are just mean to anyone and everyone who has a different point of view. I have friends and family members that I do not agree with but I don’t treat them like they are my underling because I feel like they are wrong. You go ahead, of it makes you feel better to ridicule and insult anyone who is different than you. Being ugly to others because they aren’t just like you is what’s wrong with this country.

Dave Mundt: AMO: I am both on the autism spectrum, AND have German roots…so, I am blunt. I am sorry if I offended you. I work very diligently to present facts that are evidence based, but these days, that triggers a lot of people.

I will not argue that I generalized about Republicans being dumber than a bag of old hair. I am insulted daily on the Net, and have learned to evaluate the insult, and ignore it if it is not valid. I forget that is not true with all. I hope my modification to narrow the description shows that I am aware of my error.

And all this from a person who allegedly went to, at least, a Community College! The thread would likely have continued for some time, but, I turned off commenting, as I felt there was nothing else worth saying in it.

Of course, in this same thread, there were a couple of folks that said Covid-19 was no worse than the flu, and, called me an idiot, so, it was fairly typical for Facebook. The Hamlet I live in is so Republican that there are typically NO Democratic candidates for office, as no one feels that the half a dozen votes out of a thousand they would get would be worth the expense and effort. It is this level of mindfulness that the country faces in November…and I fear that, unless Democrats overcome the apathy they have expressed in the past several elections we will see a continuation of the Republicans holding control…and destroying this country.

God Help Us All

Bee Man Dave

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